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Türkçe - İngilizce

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eylem / verb 10 – settling

eylem / verb 4 – popularity or acceptance

eylem / verb 6 – sinking, subsiding

eylem / verb 9 – squatting or being a burden

oturmak = ikamet etmek [öz Türkçe - eski terim]

1. Sit: To settle down in a place by placing the weight on the fleshy parts of the body with the upper part of the body upright, as in:
Bir sandalyenin üzerinde oturmuş, önüne bakıyordu. (She was sitting on a chair, looking ahead.)

2. (intr) Stay: To remain in a place in the aforementioned manner, as in:
Bakın, hikâye zordur, acımasız ve hoşgörüsüzdür. Oturursunuz ve başından kalkamazsınız. (Look, a story is difficult, ruthless, and unforgiving. You sit down and can't get away from it.)

3. (-i) Fit: To be suitable, to have the right measurements, as in;
Ütüsüz ve beli oturmamış pantolonunu çekti. (She adjusted her pants without ironing and without a proper fit.)

4. (-de) Reside: To permanently stay in a place, to reside, as in;
Aynı semtte oturdukları için komşu da sayılırlar. (They are considered neighbors because they reside in the same neighborhood.)

5. (intr) Idle: To spend free time without doing any work, to be idle, as in;
Böyle oturacağınıza çalışsanız olmaz mı? (Instead of just sitting around like this, why don't you work?)

6. (intr) Sink: For soil or a structure to collapse or descend downward, as in:
Temelin bu tarafı on santim oturmuş. (This side of the foundation has sunk by ten centimeters.)

7. (-le) Live with: To live together with someone, as in
O günden beri, enişte beyle oturuyorum. (Since that day, I've been living with my brother-in-law.)

8. Engage in: To be in the process of doing something, to be about to start a task, as in;
Bu saat, kendimi bildim bileli sofraya oturma saatimizdir. (This time, since I can remember, it's our mealtime when we're about to engage.)

9. Occupy: To take a place, to assume a position, as in;
Valilik makamına oturdu. (He assumed the position of the governor.)

10. (intr) Establish: To become accepted, settled, or rooted, as in:
Gelenekler gün geçtikçe iyice oturdu. (Traditions gradually became firmly established.)

11. Begin to revolve in a specific orbit:
Uydu yörüngeye oturdu. (The satellite has entered its orbit.)

12. Settle: For liquid sediments to sink to the bottom, to accumulate at the bottom.

13. (intr) Remain for a specific duration in any situation:
Arif gibi bir adamla çene yarışına girmek istememekle beraber susup oturamazdı. (Although he didn't want to engage in a verbal battle with someone as knowledgeable as Arif, he couldn't stay quiet.)

14. informal (intr) Cost:
Bu bize pahalıya oturdu. (This ended up costing us dearly.)

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