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İngilizce - Türkçe

sıklık sırası: 1260

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a foot in length acre foot advancing foot advancing foot sweep alexander's foot all-inono foot alluvial fan at the foot of a volcano ambulacral foot ass's foot at the foot of at the foot of the page athlete foot athlete's foot athletic foot back foot back one foot spin ball and claw foot ball foot valve ball of the foot balloon foot be bound hand and foot be compelled to go on foot be tied hand and foot be trod under foot bear's foot bear's foot fern bears's foot fern better the foot slip than the tongue bind somebody hand and foot biramous foot bird's foot bird's foot trefoil birds foot trefoil black foot disease blade foot board foot body foot bound hand and foot bracket foot bracket for foot board calf's foot calves' foot jelly canal at the foot of a levee carbon fibre foot cardan foot casing foot cat's foot cavovalgus foot deformity change of foot chest foot claw foot cleft foot cleft foot animals cloven foot club foot cock's foot colt's foot concealed foot step conical foot control by foot crooked foot cross foot spin cross on foot crow foot crow foot bar crow's foot cube foot cubic foot diabetic foot drag one's foot dribbling with foot out dribbling with inside foot dual linear foot pedal duck foot duck foot cultivator dug foot ease one's foot into the shoe electric foot pedal elephant's foot equinovalgus foot deformity equinovarus foot deformity european commission for the control of foot and mouth disease eye from head to foot fescue foot fishing by foot fishing with foot fixed foot step flat foot flat foot delivery fleet of foot flip foot foot (of a sail) foot and leg protectors foot and mouth disease foot arch tracing units foot bath foot block foot board foot boards foot bolt foot bow foot boy foot brail foot brake foot brake pedal foot brake switch foot bridge foot candle foot care products foot circling foot control foot cradle foot cream foot dimmer switch foot disease and scab of small grains foot drive foot drop foot fall foot faul foot fault foot gear control-pedal control foot guard foot hesabıyla ölçü foot hesabiyle ölçü foot in it foot in the hand foot it foot it in foot juggler foot juggling act foot lathe foot leg foot lever foot locks foot louse of sheep foot maggot foot margin foot massage foot meter rod fit foot of a hill foot of a mast foot of a perpendicular foot of a sail foot of a wall foot of an altitude foot of rail foot ofrail foot on piles foot operated foot operated switch foot operated tuner foot outhaul foot ölçüsü foot pad foot passenger foot path foot patrol foot pedal foot pedal cluster foot piece foot plate foot powder foot press foot pressure foot protection foot protectors foot pump foot race foot rail foot rest foot rest panel foot road foot rope foot rot foot rot of citrus foot rule foot scab foot screw foot selector switch foot slap foot soldier foot sole foot step foot step kit foot stone foot strap foot stroke foot support foot switch foot the bill foot the bill (for something) foot the bill for something foot tuber foot up foot up an account foot up to foot valve foot wall foot warmer foot way foot way shaft foot well foot with buttress foot work foot work sequence fore foot free foot free or free foot or free legaxel from head to foot from head to toe or foot get off on the wrong foot get one's foot in the door get under foot go on foot goat foot goose foot goose's foot hand and foot hand and foot contamination monitor hare's foot have a foot in both camps have one foot in the grave have one's foot in the door he who speaks the truth must have one foot in the stirrup hobbing foot hooved foot horse and foot hot foot it out of hot foot it out of somewhere I can't put pressure on my foot I can't step down on my foot I have twisted my foot I need some foot powder i can't put pressure on my foot i can't step down on my foot i have twisted my foot i need some foot powder inside foot control inside of the foot inside-of-the foot kick insulator foot international foot it is not spring until you can plant your foot upon twelve daisies it is wet under foot it's very near- you can go on foot it's very near, you can go on foot kicking foot lacking a foot lady foot left foot left foot braking lifter foot light of foot lion's foot machine foot madura foot magnetic foot middle foot misfortune arrives on horseback but departs on foot muscular foot my foot my foot keeps shaking neat's foot nimble of foot ayağına çabuk not know a b from a bull's foot not set foot somewhere not to know a b from a bull's foot now the shoe is on the other foot on a war foot on foot on the foot one foot in the grave one foot is better than two crutches one foot spin outside of the foot outside of the foot pass pelican's foot pigeon's foot crame's bill pile foot pinch one's foot pivot foot plain foot pounds per cubic foot pounds per foot pounds per square foot presser foot presser foot arm put a foot wrong put best foot forward put foot in put foot under any roof put one's best foot down put one's best foot forward put one's foot down put one's foot down (about something) put one's foot in it put one's foot in one's mouth put one's foot on shore put one's foot wrong put your foot down where you mean to stand raised foot rear foot reflection foot right foot rubber foot running foot sales per square foot sanke foot guards save with the foot scrutinize somebody from head to foot selender bird's foot trefoil set a foot wrong set foot (in a place) set foot in set foot on set foot on or in set foot somewhere set on foot set one's foot down set one's foot wrong set something on foot sheep foot louse sheep foot roller sheep's head and foot soup side foot single axis foot sit at one's foot sixty foot time skating foot solid ankle foot orthosis spearman's foot rule splay foot square foot square-poded bird's foot trefoil stand foot suction foot supporting foot swift of foot tabetic foot take foot off the gas pedal take-off foot takeoff foot tangle foot fence tapered foot roller the boot is on the other foot the boot's on the other foot the foot soldier the shoe is on the other foot thorough foot tie somebody hand and foot tied hand and foot trample under foot tread under foot trench foot trip somebody with one's foot tube foot turnable foot bridge twenty foot equivalent unit under foot vibratory pad foot roller volley with the foot wait on somebody hand and foot we're off on the right foot wearing a garment from head to foot webbed foot win by a foot with one foot in the grave wooden foot bridge yard foot rope zipper foot

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