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İngilizce - Türkçe

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abney effect abrasive effect absolute effect acceleration effect accelerator effect accordion effect acoustical doppler effect actor-observer effect acute effect add effect add exit effect added worker effect additive allele effect additive effect additive effect of genes additive genotypic effect adiabatic effect adjourn the effect of a policy adverse effect adverse effect level adverse effect report form adverse health effect aeroplane effect after effect aging effect albert effect allergenic effect anabolic effect analysis of defect's effect anchimeric effect anchorage effect anchoring effect announcement effect anode effect anomalous zeeman effect antagonism effect antagonistic effect antenna effect anticolinergic effect anticonflict effect anticorrosive effect of oils on steel antigrowth effect antiinflammatory effect antitrade consumption effect antitrade production effect anvil effect aperture effect appear effect appearance effect arch effect arching effect area effect arrangements having similar effect artifically induced actinic effect asymmetrical effect atmosphere effect atmospheric greenhouse effect atomic bomb–blast effect atomic photoelectric effect auger effect autocrine effect autoelectric effect autogenic effect autokinetic effect automatic steering effect avalanche effect back water effect back-porch effect backwash effect backwater effect balassa-samuelson effect baldwin effect bandwagon effect barkhausen effect barnett effect barometric effect barre effect barrier effect barus effect base effect bass-boosting proximity effect batmotrop effect baumol effect bauschinger effect be in effect be in force and effect be no longer in effect be of the same effect be put into effect beam effect beating effect becquerel effect being in effect bernoulli effect bernoulli's effect bezold-jarish effect biasing effect binaural effect binaural intensity effect binaural phase effect biochemical toxic effect biological effect blackout effect blast effect blister effect block effect blocking effect boat effect boersch effect bohr effect boomerang effect border effect bordini effect bormann effect boron hardenability effect borrmann effect bouguer effect bouncing effect bowie effect braking effect brazil nut effect bring into effect bruce effect buchmann-meyer effect budde effect bulging effect bullwhip effect buoyancy effect butterfly effect bystander effect cabannes-hoffmann effect calculated or meant for effect callier effect calorific effect calorigenic effect cambridge effect capri blue effect capture effect carbon dioxide greenhouse effect carcinogenic effect cardinal point effect carorific effect carpenter effect carry into effect carry over effect residual variance carry-over effect casimir effect caster effect on steering catabolic effect catch-up effect causal effect cause and effect cause and effect diagram cause and effect diagrams cause and effect pattern cause and effect relationship cause and effect test cause-and effect test cavity effect cease to be in effect ceiling effect cell effect central effect myorelaxan change effect changeable effect channel effect channeling effect charges having an effect equivalent to customs duties charges having effect equivalent to customs duty charges having equivalent effect chemical binding effect chemical finishing effect chemotactic effect chilling effect chimney effect chintz effect chondrotoxic effect chronic effect chronotrope effect clayden effect cliff effect clonidine like effect cloud chamber effect cloud effect clouding effect coanda effect colour contrast effect combined effect combined leverage effect come into effect common ion effect community effect compensatory effect complementary effect complete crowding out effect composed effect composite effect compressor heating effect compressor refrigerating effect compton effect compton's effect comptor effect concentration effect condenser heat rejection effect condensing unit refrigerating effect confounded factorial effect conspicuous effect constitutive effect consumption effect contagion effect contaminating effect continental effect contour effect contrast effect control loosing effect cooling effect cooling effect of wind cooling effect ratio coriolis effect corner effect corrective effect corrosive effect cotton-mouton effect coupled-circuit effect craig effect crank effect cratering effect crimp effect cromo effect crowding out effect crowding-out effect cuing effect culvers effect cumulative effect cumulative effect dose curie-weiss effect cushioning effect customs duties and charges having equivalent effect cytopathic effect dampening effect damping effect date of effect day-for-night effect dead-end effect debot effect debye effect declaratory effect of determination of refugee status decorative interior paint with metallic effect decorative interior paint with pearl effect decree goes into effect default effect default gridline effect deflationary effect dehumidifying effect delayed effect delayed health effect delayed toxic exposure effect deleterious effect dellinger effect demographic effect demonstration effect density effect design effect destriau effect destructive effect deterioration effect deterministic effect detrimental effect diamond ring effect diffusion effect diffusional effect digital effect digital video effect dilutive effect dipsogenic effect direct actinic effect direct effect direct effect of disasters direct treatment effect direct-causal effect direction effect discomposition effect discouraged-worker effect displacement effect dissipative effect dissolve effect dissonance effect distancing effect distortion effect distribution effect of tariffs disulfiram-like effect dizziness is a common side effect of this medicine do not have any effect on execution dominance effect domination effect domino effect donnan effect doppler effect doppler's effect or principle dormitory effect dosage effect double fog effect filter double-hump effect downslope effect dromotrop effect dual effect compressor dual effect control dull effect duration of effect dynamic effect dynamic effect law dynode effect earth effect earthquake effect east-west effect eberhard effect echo effect ecu controlled hall effect ignition edge effect edison effect education multiplier effect effect a compromise effect a deduction effect a payment effect a policy of insurance effect an entrance effect an insurance effect an insurance policy effect artık işlem etkisi effect clearance effect color effect concentration effect doctrine effect file effect glazes effect insurance effect lag effect lawful arrest effect light effect lighting effect liquidation of the assets effect measure effect modifier effect of agitation in developers effect of air pollution on plants effect of an allele effect of assumed conversions effect of binding to filament sides effect of blocking notch signaling in effect of calcium hydroxide liner to the dentin shear bond strength of a self-etch adhesive effect of carbon dioxide on plants effect of chromatin condensation effect of cold on plants effect of deletion effect of depth effect of drugs on the fetus effect of early treatment of hypertension in acute cerebral hemorrhage effect of fire effect of fisher effect of gene substitution effect of greenhouse gase effect of growth effect of hail on plants effect of inflation on effect of interaction with filament ends effect of lateral friction effect of levelling effect of manganese on plants effect of moisture effect of observer's presence effect of phosphorus on plants effect of proteins binding to end effect of proteins binding to ends effect of radiation on the fetus effect of reproductive hormones effect of salinity stress effect of salt on plants effect of selection effect of sodium on plants effect of taxation on effect of technological innovations on effect of the merger effect of thymectomy in myasthenia gravis effect of unemployment insurance on effect of water pollution on effect of wind effect on effect on angiogenesis effect on bone marrow effect on cell apoptosis effect on cells effect on hemopoietic cells effect on replication timing effect one's purpose effect options effect payment effect pigment effect playing effect size effect the liquidation of the assets effect thread effect type effect variable einstein and de haas effect einstein-de haas effect elasticity effect elation effect electro-optical effect electrohydraulic effect electrolyte effect electromagnetic effect electromagnetic environmental effect electrooptical effect electrooptical kerr effect electrophonic effect electrophoretic effect electroresistive effect electrostatic kerr effect electrostatic-kerr effect electrostrictive effect electrotrop effect elephant skin effect elimination of a charge having effect equivalent to a customs duties embossing effect end effect endocrine effect endothermic effect enlargement effect enter into effect environmental effect environmental maternal effect epper effect ethicizing effect ettinghausen effect ewe effect exchange rate effect of outstanding external debt expansionary effect expectation effect expectations effect experiment effect experimenter effect experimenter expectancy effect experimenter or experimentor effect or bias explosive effect expression effect external effect extrapyramidal side effect factor substitution effect factorial effect fade effect fading effect failure effect failure mode and effect analysis failure mode effect analysis failure modes and effect analysis false colors effect false consensus effect faraday effect fast effect feedback effect felting effect ferranti effect ferroelectric effect fiber concentration effect fiber length effect fiber orientation effect field effect field effect transistor field effect transistors (fet) field effect varistor figure after effect filamin loss effect fill effect filling effect filtering effect fire effect fire for effect first pass effect first- pass effect first-pass effect fisher effect fisher's effect fishery-ecosystem effect flash effect flicker effect floating effect flood absorption effect of a reservoir fluid pressure effect flutter effect flywheel effect fog effect for effect founder effect fragmentation effect freeze effect freeze-frame effect fringe effect frost effect frosting effect functional toxic effect

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