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İngilizce - Türkçe

sıklık sırası: 1026

ad / noun 04 – informal

ad / noun 08 – theatre

ad / noun 09 – theatre

ad / noun 10 – ornithology

ad / noun 12 – arms

ad / noun 13 – arms

ad / noun 15 – nautical

ad / noun 18 – archaic

eylem / verb 4 – theatre

eylem / verb 5 – ornithology

BILL = [bil] noun
1 hesap, fatura * eşanlamlı : invoice, charge, account
İngilizce örnek : Can we get the bill, please?
Türkçe çevirisi : Hesabı alabilir miyiz lütfen?
İngilizce örnek : Have you paid the bill?
Türkçe çevirisi : Hesabı ödedin mi?
İngilizce örnek : The dentist's bill was high.
Türkçe çevirisi : Dişçinin faturası yüksekti.
İngilizce örnek : The mechanic sent us a bill for two hundred liras.
Türkçe çevirisi : Tamirci bize iki yüz liralık bir hesap gönderdi.
İngilizce örnek : We pay the gas and electric bills every month.
Türkçe çevirisi : Her ay doğal gaz ve elektrik faturalarını öderiz.
2 yasa tasarısı
İngilizce örnek : The bill will not pass.
Türkçe çevirisi : Yasa tasarısı geçmeyecek.
İngilizce örnek : We hope that the bill will soon become a law.
Türkçe çevirisi : Tasarının yakında yasalaşacağını umuyoruz.
3 afiş, ilan * eşanlamlı : poster, notice, advertisement, leaflet
İngilizce örnek : He posted up a bill.
Türkçe çevirisi : Bir afiş astı.
4 AE. kâğıt para
5 tahvil, poliçe
6 gaga * eşanlamlı : nib, beak
İngilizce örnek : The bird has a pointed bill.
Türkçe çevirisi : Kuşun sivri uçlu bir gagası var.

Financial and Legal Contexts:
Utility bill: A statement detailing charges for services like electricity, water, or gas.
Phone bill: A monthly statement showing charges for telephone services.
Medical bill: A document listing charges for medical services rendered.
Legal bill: An invoice from a lawyer or law firm for services provided.
Tax bill: The amount of money owed to the government based on income, property, or other taxable factors.
Bill of sale: A legal document confirming the sale of goods or property.
Bill of lading: A document issued by a carrier detailing the shipment of goods and acknowledging receipt.
Bill of materials: A list of raw materials, components, and assemblies needed to produce a product.
Bill of quantities: A document in construction contracts detailing the quantities of materials required.
Bill of exchange: A written order used primarily in international trade, directing a person to pay a specific amount to another.
Legislative and Political Contexts:
Bill of rights: A formal declaration of the fundamental rights of citizens.
Legislative bill: A proposal for new legislation introduced in a legislative body.
Budget bill: Legislation detailing the government's financial plans and expenditures.
Appropriations bill: Legislation authorizing the expenditure of government funds for specific purposes.
Tax bill: Proposed legislation related to taxation policies and rates.
Defense bill: Legislation related to the funding and operation of defense or military activities.
Environmental bill: Legislation focused on environmental protection, conservation, or regulation.
Healthcare bill: Legislation related to healthcare policies, programs, or funding.
Infrastructure bill: Legislation aimed at funding and improving public infrastructure projects.
Education bill: Legislation concerning educational policies, programs, or funding.
Business and Commerce:
Invoice bill: A document sent by a seller to a buyer detailing the amount owed for goods or services.
Billable hours: The number of hours worked that can be charged to a client or customer.
Bill rate: The hourly or daily rate charged by a professional service provider.
Bill discounting: A financing method where a business sells its bill of exchange to a bank at a discount.
Bill cycle: The recurring period for generating bills or invoices, often monthly.
Bill payment: The act of settling a bill or invoice for goods or services received.
Billable services: Services provided by professionals that can be invoiced and charged to clients.
Bill collection: The process of collecting payments for overdue bills or invoices.
Bill statement: A summary document detailing the charges, payments, and balances related to an account.
Bill settlement: The process of resolving and paying outstanding bills or invoices.
Entertainment and Media:
Movie bill: A poster or advertisement showcasing a film's title, cast, and release date.
Concert bill: A lineup or schedule of performers for a musical event or concert.
TV bill: A monthly statement or subscription fee for television services.
Play bill: A program or brochure detailing information about a theatrical production.
Billboard: A large outdoor board for displaying advertisements, often referred to as a "bill" in short.
Shipping and Transport:
Freight bill: A document detailing charges for transporting goods by a carrier.
Shipping bill: A document required by customs when exporting goods, declaring contents and value.
Airline bill: An invoice or ticket detailing charges for air travel services.
Cargo bill: A document detailing the shipment of goods, often related to shipping and transport.
Utilities and Services:
Electricity bill: A statement detailing charges for electricity consumption.
Water bill: A monthly statement showing charges for water usage.
Gas bill: A statement detailing charges for natural gas consumption.
Internet bill: A monthly statement or subscription fee for internet services.
Cable bill: A monthly statement or subscription fee for cable television services.
Food and Dining:
Restaurant bill: A statement detailing charges for meals, beverages, and services provided at a restaurant.
Bar bill: A statement detailing charges for drinks and services provided at a bar or pub.
Catering bill: An invoice detailing charges for catering services provided for events or functions.
Healthcare and Medical:
Hospital bill: A document detailing charges for medical services, treatments, and accommodations provided by a hospital.
Pharmacy bill: A statement detailing charges for medications or prescriptions filled at a pharmacy.
Banknote bill: A term used in some regions to refer to paper currency or banknotes.
Draft bill: A preliminary version of proposed legislation before it becomes law.
Paid bill: An invoice or statement that has been settled or paid in full.
Unpaid bill: An invoice or statement that remains outstanding or has not been settled.
Legislative bill: A proposed law presented to a legislative body for consideration and approval.
Bill signing: The formal process where a legislative bill is signed into law by an executive authority.
Committee bill: Legislation proposed by a committee rather than an individual legislator.
Rescue bill: Informal term used to describe a government intervention or bailout package to address a financial crisis or emergency.
Drafting bill: The process of preparing and finalizing legislative text for consideration.
Vetoed bill: A legislative bill rejected or blocked by an executive authority using their veto power.
Amended bill: A legislative bill that has undergone changes or modifications during the legislative process.
Initial bill: The first version or draft of a legislative proposal introduced for consideration.
Substitute bill: A legislative proposal introduced as an alternative to another bill or measure.
Enacted bill: A legislative bill that has been approved, signed into law, and implemented.
Revised bill: A legislative proposal that has been updated or amended during the legislative process.
Debt bill: An invoice or statement detailing outstanding debts or financial obligations.
Collection bill: A document sent to individuals or businesses with overdue payments to encourage payment.
Bill receipt: A document confirming the reception of a bill, invoice, or payment.
Utility bill payment: The process of settling charges for utility services such as electricity, water, or gas.
Bill dispute: A disagreement or issue regarding charges, fees, or services listed on a bill or invoice.
Mobile bill: A monthly statement detailing charges for mobile phone services, including calls, texts, and data usage.
Direct bill: A billing arrangement where charges are billed directly to a specific account or entity.
Bill due date: The deadline or date by which a bill or invoice must be paid to avoid penalties or late fees.
Bill reminder: A notification or alert sent to remind individuals or businesses of upcoming or overdue bills.
Bill balance: The remaining amount due on a bill or invoice after partial payments.
Online bill payment: The process of paying bills or invoices using internet-based services or platforms.
Bill account: An account maintained by individuals or businesses to track and manage bills, invoices, and payments.
Bill dispute resolution: The process of resolving disagreements or issues related to bills, charges, or services.
Bill payment options: Various methods or channels available for settling bills, such as online payments, checks, or bank transfers.
Bill payment history: A record or summary detailing past payments, due dates, and balances related to bills or invoices.
Bill payment portal: An online platform or website allowing individuals or businesses to view, manage, and pay bills electronically.
Bill collection agency: A company or entity specializing in collecting overdue payments or outstanding bills on behalf of creditors.
Bill approval: The process by which a legislative body reviews, debates, and approves a proposed bill.
Bill rejection: The act of dismissing or not approving a legislative proposal during the review process.
Bill introduction: The formal presentation of a legislative proposal to a governing body for consideration.
Bill passage: The successful approval and adoption of a legislative proposal by a governing body.
Bill amendment: Changes or modifications made to a legislative proposal during the review and approval process.
Bill expiration: The point at which a legislative proposal ceases to be active or valid if not approved within a specific timeframe.
Bill deliberation: The process of discussing, reviewing, and considering a legislative proposal in a governing body.
Bill enactment: The formal process by which a legislative proposal becomes law after approval and signing by an executive authority.
Bill opposition: Individuals, groups, or entities expressing disagreement or resistance to a proposed legislative measure.
Bill revision: The act of reviewing, updating, or modifying a legislative proposal based on feedback, input, or changes.
Bill negotiation: The process of discussing, revising, or compromising on the terms of a legislative proposal to secure approval.
Bill implementation: The phase following the approval of a legislative proposal, where it is enforced, regulated, or put into effect.
Bill analysis: A detailed examination or review of a legislative proposal's content, implications, and impact.
Bill evaluation: The assessment or analysis of a legislative proposal's feasibility, effectiveness, or potential outcomes.
Bill committee: A group or panel within a legislative body responsible for reviewing, studying, or considering specific legislative proposals.
Bill debate: A formal discussion or argumentation on the merits, drawbacks, or provisions of a legislative proposal.
Bill review: The process of examining, assessing, or auditing bills, invoices, or financial statements for accuracy, compliance, or discrepancies.
Bill verification: The act of confirming, checking, or validating the details, charges, or information listed on a bill or invoice.
Bill tracking: The practice of monitoring, following, or keeping updated on the status, changes, or developments related to a legislative proposal.

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