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İngilizce - Türkçe

sıklık sırası: 1579

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problem assembly line communications link assembly line data link assembly line technique assembly list assembly lube assembly machine assembly man assembly methods assembly nozzle assembly of american turkish societies assembly of many objectives assembly of parties assembly of people's representatives assembly of representatives assembly of serbia and montenegro assembly of stator winding assembly of the republic assembly of the republic of kazakhstan assembly of the turkish cypriot community union assembly of troops assembly of turkish american associations assembly on core assembly overview assembly paste assembly pedestal assembly place assembly plan assembly plant assembly point assembly position assembly process assembly program assembly room assembly routine assembly schedule assembly seam assembly shop assembly site assembly sleeve assembly space assembly stand assembly system assembly testing assembly time assembly tolerance assembly tool assembly track assembly unit assembly 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clutch piston and seal assembly coaxial cable assembly coaxial metallic assembly coil assembly coil assembly nut committee on equality of opportunity for women and men of the grand national assembly of turkey common assembly community assembly of turkish union of civil servants complex assembly component assembly computer aided assembly line balancing cone roller assembly connecting rod assembly constituent assembly constituent assembly of the turkish federated state of cyprus constitutional assembly constitutional commission of the assembly consultation assembly consultative assembly consultative assembly of european council consultative assembly of the council of europe contact assembly contact roll assembly converter pump assembly converter stator assembly convoy assembly convoy assembly port core assembly corner assembly council of europe's parliamentary assembly court of appesal of the general assembly cover assembly crank rod assembly crankshaft assembly crash assembly criminal 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turkish cypriots freedom of assembly freedom of peaceful assembly french national assembly front axle assembly yoke front line area assembly front line assembly area front passengers airbag assembly front side door assembly fuel assembly garn assembly gate hoisting equipment and assembly gauge assembly gear assembly gear selector assembly gearbox assembly general assembly general assembly attendance list general assembly drawing general assembly of civil chambers general assembly of criminal chambers general assembly of national olympic committee general assembly of share holders general assembly of shareholders general assembly of states parties general purpose adhesives for structural assembly get a bill through the turkish grand assembly gore assembly grand national assembly grand national assembly of turkey grand national assembly of turkey human rights investigation commission green assembly gross area of a roof assembly guide vane assembly guided vane assembly head assembly head of consultative assembly head/disk assembly headlight assembly heater assembly heater control panel assembly helsinki citizens assembly helsinki citizens' assembly high-strength structural bolting assembly higher health assembly hinge assembly hose assembly housing assembly hungarian national assembly hydraulic modulator assembly hydraulic oil cooler assembly idler pulley assembly ignition assembly improper assembly in-line assembly machine initial assembly area inner taillight assembly inter-row hoeing machine with fertilizer assembly inter-row hoeing machine without fertilizer assembly islamic consultative assembly journal record grand national assembly of turkey judicial assembly legislative assembly lesotho national assembly lever assembly light assembly line assembly item order link assembly link rod assembly lipid bilayer assembly lock mechanism assembly locking sleeve assembly lost motion assembly lv switchgear and controlgear assembly lw switchgear and controlgear assembly 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clutch assembly pack assembly panel assembly parachute assembly parking brake warning switch assembly parliamentary assembly of black sea cooperation parliamentary assembly of the council of europe parliamentary assembly of the mediterranean parliamentary assembly of the organization for security and co-operation in europe parliamentary assembly of the union for the mediterranean parliamentary assembly of turkish-speaking countries partially type tested assembly parts control assembly party assembly party assembly meeting pattern assembly pcb assembly peaceful assembly pedal assembly people's assembly pin assembly pipe/ hose assembly piston assembly direction piston rod gland assembly planetary assembly planetary carrier assembly plastic tube assembly plenary assembly port reception and assembly capacity positive assembly postponement assembly of the turkish cypriot community pre-rotary vane assembly pressure switch assembly printed-cjrcuit assembly printed-component assembly 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assembly torpedo nose assembly torque converter assembly torque converter pressure plate assembly torque converter turbine assembly track assembly track block assembly trade council of the general assembly transmission assembly tripod joint spider assembly trumpet assembly tube assembly turkey exporters assembly turkey great national assembly turkey young businessmen general assembly turkish delegation to the asian parliamentary assembly for peace turkish delegation to the parliamentary assembly of nato turkish delegation to the parliamentary assembly of the black sea economic cooperation turkish delegation to the parliamentary assembly of the organization for security and cooperation in europe turkish grand national assembly two-pass assembly type tested assembly ulusal olimpiyat komiteleri genel kurulu (general assembly of national olympic committee) un general assembly undercarriage frame assembly unicameral assembly unit assembly unit training assembly united nations general 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