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İngilizce - Türkçe

sıklık sırası: 1420

ilgili sözler / related words

accept a bill of exchange accept a bribe accept a cheque accept a risk accept a trust accept all accept all mine accept an invitation accept and acknowledge the jurisdiction of the courts and enforcement offices of accept as a friend accept as a gift accept as a present accept as evidence accept as true accept beforehand accept bribes accept change accept check accept cookies accept deletion accept delivery of accept deposit accept draw accept half-heartedly accept in payment accept interference from outside accept international mediation accept meekly accept mine accept on presentation accept one's defeat accept one's signature accept other accept our apologies accept pause accept proposal accept responsibility accept revisions accept service of a writ accept settings accept something in part-exchange accept statement accept stop accept the assurance accept the charges accept the insurance accept the invitation accept the proposal accept the tender accept to be represented accept to the opinion of the experts accept unwillingly accept what one is accept without any debate accept without questioning accept your fate authority to accept back down and accept what one has refused be ready to accept help from any quarter call accept cancel accept change accept do you accept american dollars do you accept checks do you accept credit cards do you accept dollars do you accept the treatment plan? do you accept us dollars ? do you accept visa card do you think they will accept you don't accept get somebody to accept something have somebody accept something i accept i accept and undertake i accept it i accept myself for what i am i accept your apology i can't accept that i don't accept i move that we accept the proposal i say we accept it i'm afraid i can't accept your apology not to accept any excuses please accept my apologies please accept my apology please accept my best thanks please accept my condolences please accept my deepest thanks please accept my heartfelt apology please accept my sincerest gratitude please accept my sympathy ready to accept any decision refuse to accept revision accept talep kabul edilemez -bekleme listesine alınmamış (unable to accept request -not waitlisted) task accept unable to accept request unfortunately, we can accept only turkish liras we accept both cash and credit card we only accept payment by credit card what forms of payment do you accept willingness to accept

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