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İngilizce - Türkçe

sıklık sırası: 3011

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a and not b gate a creaking gate hangs longest actuating arm for gate selector cable adjustable gate air gate american bear trap gate amil gate amplitude gate and gate and not gate any gate at the main gate automatic flap gate automatic gate automatic gate lock automatic spillway gate auxiliary lock gate avio gate avis gate backwater gate balanced gate valve barge like a bull at a gate barn door gate barrage with bulkhead gate barrage with drum gate barrage with flap gate barrage with radial gate bascule gate bear trap gate bifurcation gate binary logic gate blast gate blast gate damper blind gate blue gate board gate boarding gate border gate bostwick folding gate bottom gate bottom outlet gate chamber broome gate bulkhead gate bunker coal gate burst gate bus interface gate array canal gate car gate electric contact carrying gate caterpillar gate channel gate check gate chief gate keeper chocolate gate chute gate circular type gate city gate coaster gate coincidence gate color gate colour gate connor gate control gate corner gate crash the gate crest gate cross gate crossing gate on wheels culvert gate customs gate cylinder gate decision gate deflector gate delivery gate departure gate diode gate discharge gate displaced gate diversion tunnels closure gate division gate double disk gate valve double-disk gate valve down cast gate down gate draft tube bulkhead gate draft-tube bulkhead gate drainage gate draw gate drift gate drop gate drop gate sluice drum gate ebb gate ebb tide gate electronically controlled waste gate elevator shaft gate emergency gate emergency gate valve enabling gate entrance gate european bear trap gate except gate exclusive-or gate exor gate expansion gate feature face type fixed-wheel gate farm gate price farm gate type operations feeder gate field programable gate array field programmable gate arrays film gate film gate mask finger gate fish belly flap gate fixed axle gate fixed roller gate fixed wheel gate flag gate flap gate flood gate flood tide gate flushing gate flux gate flux gate magnetometer folding gate free roller gate from this gate one heads into front gate garden gate gate arm gate array gate array circuits gate barrier gate bay gate beam gate casting gate chamber gate chamber floor gate chamber of sluice well gate chamber reinforcement gate chamber wall gate circuit gate closer gate coincidence gate contact gate control gate control room gate crash gate crasher gate current gate dam gate detector gate dimensions gate diverter gate dogged condition gate door gate end gate end plate gate end road gate end-loader gate flag gate galleries gate groove gate guide gate hanger gate hoist gate hoisting equipment and assembly gate house gate impedance gate interlock gate keeper gate key gate latch gate leaf gate lever gate line gate load gate lock gate lounge gate mask gate number gate opening gate operating platform gate operation system gate operator gate overflow gate pass gate piece gate pier gate pivot gate post gate pressure gate pulse gate recess gate recesses gate review gate road gate roll size press gate saw gate seal gate section gate shaft gate shift gate sill gate slot gate slote gate stem gate stick gate switch gate to gate gate tower gate transitions gate turn-off thyristor gate turnoff gate turnoff thyristor gate underflow gate valve gate valves gate voltage gate wheel gate width gate winding gear gate gear selector gate get the gate give somebody the gate gold goes in at any gate except heaven's golden gate bridge golden gate köprüsü greisser gate guard gate head gate head gate structure headwork gate high bead radial gate high pressure gate high pressure gate casting high pressure gate frame high pressure gate valve high-pressure gate valve hinged flash gate hinged gate hinged leaf gate hinged-leaf gate honey gate hook gate hook type tainter gate horizontal sliding gate horn gate horse gate hydraulic gate hydraulic gate hanger hydraulically operated gate ice gate identity gate if-and-only-if gate if-then gate in gate inclined gate inclusive-or gate indicator gate individual gate information gate inhibition gate inlet gate inner gate insulated gate bipolar transistör (ıgbt) intake bulkhead gate intake gate interlocked gate inversion gate iron gate irregular aggre gate is gate ten nearby j gate jet flow gate knife gate knock down the gate ladle slide gate leaf gate levee gate level crossing gate lift gate lift gate portal lifting gate like a bull at a gate loading gate lock gate lock gate valves logic gate lower gate bay lowering order of gate units magnetic gate main gate majority gate manned mechanical gate masscuite emptying gate massecuite emptying gate measuring gate metal gate guides meter gate outlet mixed water levels control gate movable hinged gate movable-hinged gate nand gate noise gate nor gate not gate not-if-then gate numbering of the gate one gate open channel gate open gate or gate orifice gate outlet gate over gate overpour gate paradox gate parallel gate valve pencil gate penning gate picture gate pivot gate plan of gate slot pole of a gate pop gate price at the farm gate projection gate quality gate radial gate radial gate spillway radial lock gate range gate red gate regulating gate remote control gate reservoir bottom sector gate reynold's gate ring follower gate ring gate ring seal gate roller drum gate roller gate rolling gate running gate saw gate searching gate secret back gate sector gate segment gate weir segmental sluice gate selector gate semi-automatic gate hanger service gate shift gate shower gate shut the gate side gate sidney gate silicon gate skim gate slide gate slide gate nozzle slide gate offtake sliding gate sliding lock gate sludge gate sluice gate sluice gate price small roller with shields roller gate solenoid-operated gate valve some gate sound gate standard high pressure gate standard roller gate start gate starting gate starting gate stem gate connection stickney gate stoney gate stop gate submerged face gate submerged type fixed-wheel gate submerged-face gate submergible roller gate swing gate sync noise gate synchronous gate tail gate tail gate shell tainter gate take out gate take-out gate tangential gate that gate the highest starting gate the lowest starting gate the stone that lies in your gate breaks not your toes this flight has been moved to gate m this gate allows access to the garden threshold gate throttle gate through gate number five tidal gate tide gate tight gate tilting gate tilting gate weir time gate toll gate town gate tractor gate transfer gate clock travelling gate hoist truck-mounted gate tumble gate tunnel type fixed-wheel gate turbine gate turbo waste gate actuator turnout gate upper gate bay vertical gate vertical lift gate vertical underflow gate vesvesvaraya gate walton's rising sill gate waste gate waste gate actuator waste gate charge air water discharge gate water gate water intake gate way gate wedge gate valve where can I find gate ten which gate does my flight leave from which gate is for the flight to moscow whiting's gate whiting's self acting waste weir gate whiting's self-acting waste weir gate wicket gate wicket gate ring wing gate

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