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İngilizce - Türkçe

sıklık sırası: 2895

ilgili sözler / related words

a binding duty acid binding agent actin binding proteins adhesive binding allosteric binding site alpha-particle binding energy aminoacyl trna ribosome binding androgen binding protein antigen binding fragment antigen binding site antigen-antibody binding atomic binding forces b binding offset be binding bias binding bias binding maker binding agent binding agents binding agreement binding and valid binding attachement binding beam binding by means of a cardan shaft binding chemokines binding coal binding constraint binding contract binding decision binding declaration binding documents binding domains binding duty binding edge binding energy binding force binding forces binding in d-form of actin binding in t-form of actin binding instrument binding joint binding joist binding judgement binding judgment binding law binding loose strands binding margin binding margins binding material binding metal binding n binding nature binding nut binding oath binding of the saw blade binding oneself to binding origin information binding over binding piece binding plate binding post binding power binding precedent binding proteins binding rafter binding reinforcement binding ring binding rule binding sale agreement binding schedule binding screw binding signature binding site binding site prediction binding sites binding soil binding stone binding strength binding table binding tape binding tariff binding tariff information binding theory binding thread binding through an extracellular linker molecule binding time binding to accessory proteins binding to actin monomer binding to bacteria binding to egg binding to filament sides binding to tubulin binding update binding wire book binding board bordetella adenylyl cyclase binding calcium binding calcium binding protein camp binding cap binding protein chemical binding effect cloth binding coil binding constrict by binding contract binding in honour only corticosteroid binding protein cross country binding cutback binding data binding dynamic binding early binding effect of binding to filament sides effect of proteins binding to end effect of proteins binding to ends electron binding energy european binding tariff information fragment antigen binding gas binding rate government and binding government and binding theory hard binding have a binding force heterophilc binding homophilic binding horizontal binding ionic binding iron binding kinesin binding site late binding latent iron binding capacity legally binding legally binding writing lens binding library binding limp binding long edge binding loose-leaf binding machine binding mannan binding lectin mannose binding lectin mechanical binding metallic binding methylated dna binding proteins modular binding domain modular binding domains molecular binding myosin binding site neutron binding energy non_legally binding instrument nlbi nonlegally binding instrument nuclear binding energy oil binding open binding peptidyl-trna-ribosome binding perfect binding pigment binding plasma protein binding profilin binding promoter binding protein binding protein binding sites protein-ligand binding protein-to-protein binding proton binding energy retinal binding ribosome binding ring binding rna polymerase binding rubble with binding material screw-and-post binding seks hormonu binding globulin sewn binding sex hormone binding globulin sex hormone binding globuline short edge binding soft binding soil binding sperm binding sperm binding to spiral binding stability changes by proteins binding static binding straight or bias binding (in dress-making) substrate binding susceptibility to binding tailstock binding lever (of a lathe) thermoplastic binding this regulation shall be binding in its entirety and directly applicable in the member states threadless binding total iron binding capacity total nuclear binding energy totol electron binding energy unconstrained binding unsewn binding vertical binding water binding capacity wire binding zero-place variable binding operator

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