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İngilizce - Türkçe

sıklık sırası: 1133

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dictionary add data add data field add delegates add design add device add directory add driver add drop by drop add echo add effect add egg add email add endnote add enum add events add exception add exceptions add exclusion add exclusions add exit effect add fan to the flame add favorite add favorites add fax printer add feature add field add file add file type add filter add folder add font file add fonts add form add form feed add fragment add freeform add from file add from store add fuel to add fuel to the fire add fuel to the flame add fuel to the flames add gallery add gradually add group add guid add hardware add help text add holidays add host add hot water add ihiv add ils server add in parenthesis add inclusive geographic fence add indent add insult to injury add ip address add ip filter add ipx filter add item add job add join add key add label range add language add later add left border add legend add licenses add lime add lime to add line numbering add link add list item add location add lock add macro add mailbox add mailer add map feature add matches to list add mdi form add me add media clips add meeting minutes to notes pages add member add menu add method add mirror add mode add module add motion path add name add names add new add new board add new event add new field add new file type add new group add new hardware add new hardware wizard add new icon add new instrument add new item add new link add new member add new model add new printer model add new record add new server add new user add new zone add object add on add on sale add one thing to another add other add others add overlay add package add page add page breaks add page field add parameter add password add periods add point add port add port range add prefix add print area add printer add printer driver add printer icons to tray add printer wizard add product add program add property add protocol add provider add public key add purpose add qualifier add question add queue driver 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to link bar add to list add to log add to mru add to notes add to one's credit add to one's difficulties add to output add to page add to playlist add to somebody's credit add to spike add to template add to the capital add to timeline add to workbook add together add tool add toolbar add transaction add trendline add type add units add unlisted or updated driver add up add up (to something) add up or together add up something add up to add up to something add url add user add user wizard add users add value add value to add view add voice tags add voiceprints add watch add water add web folder add weight to add wia device add wings to add with add wizard add words to add zest to automatically add words to list cannot add file chart add data clavulanic add components to add department of research planning add coordination dynamic add dynamic service add economic value add false add i hasten to add that i have nothing to add it doesn't add up logical add mail add mailer near add not to add one hundred add pivot add data pivottable add scenario add spelling add static add sundays add holidays excepted tables to add to geoset ulp add app ulp add user undo add use add wizard we should hasten to add that we'll have to add postage to the bill workbook add

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