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İngilizce - Türkçe

sıklık sırası: 719

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all clouds bring not rain april showers bring forth may flowers april showers bring may flowers be unable to bring oneself to be unable to bring oneself to do something be unable to bring oneself to say bring (about) bring (land) into cultivation bring (somebody) in something bring a case against somebody bring a charge against somebody bring a date forward bring a hornet's nest about one's ears bring a hornets' nest about one's ears bring a law suit bring a lawsuit bring a lump to somebody's throat bring a matter to an issue bring a patient through bring a people under one's sway bring a person to justice bring a report up-to-date bring a return bring a storm about one's ears bring a suit bring a suit against bring a suit against somebody bring a suit of law bring a suit of law against bring a suit of law against somebody bring a thing home to a person bring a thing on somebody bring a turbine on steam bring a turbine up to full speed bring a turbine up to speed bring about bring about a revolution bring about an agreement bring about peace bring about recovery bring about something bring action against somebody bring along bring along with one bring amnesty bring an accusation against bring an accusation against somebody bring an action bring an action (before the court) bring an action against bring an action for an infringement bring an action to the court bring an aircraft out of the turn bring around bring back bring back at bring back in vogue bring back souvenirs bring back to life bring back to normal bring bad luck bring bad luck (in a game of dice) bring bank bring before bring before competent authority bring before legal authority bring before the judge bring catastrophe to bring charge home to bring close together bring closer bring closer together bring credit bring cut bring damage bring discord into bring disgrace on somebody bring distress bring down bring down on bring down on one's head bring down proud looks bring down the curtain (on something) bring down the house bring down the inflation bring down the rate of inflation bring eyleminin ikinci ve üçüncü hali bring face to face bring forth bring forth a child bring forth young bring forward bring forward a motion bring forward a suit bring fresh blood bring good fortune bring good luck bring good news bring grist to the mill bring happiness bring harm bring home the bacon bring home to bring home to one bring in bring in a bill bring in a verdict bring in a verdict of guilty bring in front of text bring in income bring in line bring in money bring in revenue bring in touch with bring interest bring into bring into balance bring into being bring into contact bring into contact with bring into contempt bring into conversation bring into court bring into daylight bring into derision bring into discredit bring into disrepute bring into effect bring into existence bring into fashion bring into force bring into hotchpot bring into line bring into play bring into profitable use bring into prominence bring into relief bring into the basis bring into the open bring into the world bring into view bring it back in one piece bring it here! bring it on bring judicial proceedings bring law into action bring lower yarn suction arm in initial position bring lower yarn suction arm in working position bring luck bring matters to a head bring my luggage to my room please bring near bring nearer bring off bring off a success bring off something bring offers of employment into touch with applications for employment bring on bring on the stage bring on to bring one to his senses bring one to one's feet bring one to the point bring one's heart in one's mouth bring one's influence to bear bring oneself forward bring oneself to bring oneself to do something bring online bring onto the market bring out bring out (a matter) in the open bring out even bring out in relief bring out into the open bring over bring peace and comfort bring peace and harmony to a place bring peace to long-troubled part of the world bring pressure on bring pressure to bear bring pressure to bear upon bring pressure to bear upon a person bring prices down bring proceedings against bring profit bring proof bring prosperity bring prosperity to bring reproach on bring reproach upon bring round bring round for bring short bring somebody bring somebody a piece of good news bring somebody back something bring somebody back to consciousness bring somebody comfort bring somebody down bring somebody down to earth bring somebody honour bring somebody in off the street bring somebody in on bring somebody in on something bring somebody in something bring somebody into discredit bring somebody into line bring somebody low bring somebody on bring somebody or something up bring somebody out of himself bring somebody round bring somebody through bring somebody to bring somebody to book bring somebody to do something bring somebody to grief bring somebody to heel bring somebody to her senses bring somebody to himself bring somebody to his knees bring somebody to his senses bring somebody to reason bring somebody to their knees bring somebody up to date bring somebody up to date (on somebody or something) bring something a bout bring something about bring something about one's ears bring something back bring something crashing down around one's ears bring something down bring something forward bring something home to somebody bring something in bring something in its wake bring something into focus bring something into question bring something near to bring something off bring something on bring something out bring something round to something bring something to bring something to a close bring something to a conclusion bring something to a halt bring something to a head bring something to a standstill bring something to an end bring something to bear on bring something to light bring something to somebody's notice bring something to the boil bring something to the foreground bring something to the hammer bring something under he hammer bring something under the hammer bring something up bring suffering upon bring suit bring suit against somebody bring the business register up to eu standards bring the house down bring the infringement to an end bring the war to a halt bring through bring to bring to a boil bring to a close bring to a conclusion bring to a crisis bring to a deadlock bring to a degree bring to a focus bring to a halt bring to a head bring to a standstill bring to a state of peace bring to a stop bring to a successful conclusion bring to account bring to agreement bring to an end bring to an impasse bring to an issue bring to attention bring to bay bring to bear bring to book bring to completion bring to focus bring to front bring to grief bring to hear bring to heel bring to justice bring to life bring to light bring to mind bring to naught bring to nought bring to one's feet bring to one's knee bring to pass bring to perfection bring to realization bring to reason bring to ruin bring to somebody's attention bring to term bring to terms bring to the attention of bring to the boil bring to the correct heat bring to the front bring to the hammer bring to the last push bring to the police station bring to the proof bring to the proper heat bring to the right condition bring to the right point bring to the scratch bring to the side bring to trial bring to... state bring together bring tourists bring trouble (to) bring trouble on bring trouble to bring trouble upon oneself bring under bring under control bring under one's notice bring under something bring unnecessary trouble on oneself bring up bring up a calculator bring up a child in cotton-wool bring up a sore point bring up a sore topic bring up a subject bring up a topic bring up children bring up in conversation bring up on the bottle bring up one's big guns bring up short bring up somebody or something bring up something repeatedly bring up the rear bring up the subject bring up to date bring up to shade bring up with a round turn bring visitors bring word bring your id please bring your own bring your own device can I bring anything can I bring my kids can I bring my wife can I bring pets can I bring something can I bring you a tea can you bring me can you bring me a blanket can you bring me a newspaper can you bring me a pillow can you bring me a towel can you bring me an omelet can you bring me some hangers can you bring some clean towels please can you bring some more can you bring some more bread can you bring some more wine could you bring me a cup could you bring me a fork could you bring me a knife could you bring me a plate could you bring me a spoon could you bring me two soft-boiled eggs did you bring me anything did you bring the map do I need to bring anything do I need to bring something have somebody bring something he called for the girl to bring him tea here is the list of what you have to bring while coming to the therapy I can't bring myself to do it I cannot bring myself to say I couldn't bring myself to tell him I forgot to bring my passport. I'll bring a bearing puller I'll bring the wine i can't bring myself to do it i cannot bring myself to say i couldn't bring myself to tell him i forgot to bring my passport. i'll bring a bearing puller i'll bring the wine jesting lies bring serious sorrows let me bring dessert march winds and april showers bring forth may flowers may I bring a friend may it bring you luck please bring please bring my luggage please bring your necessary staff with you put your sample into the container and bring me back riches bring care and fears shall I bring wine should I bring anything since you have a special diet, you cannot bring food from outside the worth of a thing is what it will bring this is to bring your attention that what should I bring will you bring me a paper would you like me to bring anything would you like me to bring wine would you like to bring a friend

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