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İngilizce - Türkçe

sıklık sırası: 1882

ilgili sözler / related words

additive agents agents acting on the renin-angiotensin system agents contract agents of international organisation agents of international organizations agents of production alkylating agents allelopathic agents american society of travel agents american society of travel agents anabolic agents analgesic agents anti-inflammatory agents antiadhesive and coating agents antianxiety agents antiarrhythmic agents antibacterial agents anticaking agents anticholesteremic agents antidiarrhoeals, intestinal anti-inflammatory/anti-infective agents antifibrinolytic agents antifoaming agents antifungal agents antihypertensive agents antiinfective agents antimicrobial agents antimitotic agents antineoplastic agents antineoplastic and immunomodulating agents antiplatyhelmintic agents antiprotozoal agents antipsychotic agents antithrombotic agents association of finnish travel agents association of german travel agents and tour operators association of insurance agents association of turkish travel agents australian federation of travel agents average number of agents beta-blocking agents binding agents biological agents biological control agents biological pest control agents bleaching agents british association of wholesale tour agents bulking agents carcinogenic agents cardiotonic agents cardiovascular agents change agents chartering agents chelating agents chemical, biological and radiological agents chemoprotective agents chemotherapeutic agents classification of chemical agents commercial agents commissions paid to sales agents consular agents de-icing agents degreasing agents deinking agents dermatologic agents diagnostic agents diluting agents diplomatic agents and employees diplomatic envoys and agents dispersing agents dissociative agents dna-damaging agents exemption for ptt agents benefits extract agents federation of national associations of ship brokers and agents fibrinolytic agents finishing agents fire-extinguisher agents firming agents flavoring agents flavour agents flocculating agents flour treatment agents foam agents foaming agents foreign agents fractional absorption of the osmotic agents g-series chemical agents gas-forming agents gelling agents general anti-infectives for systemic use, vaccines, antineoplastic and immunodulating agents general purchasing agents glazing agents h-series agents hyperosmolar agents hypertensive agents hypontisive agents hypotensive agents immunomodulatory agents immunotherapeutic agents impregnating agents infiltration by agents and informers infiltration by agents of the requesting state in the territory of the requested state infiltration by undercover agents of the requested state infiltration of agents institute of certified travel agents institute of certified travel agents international airlines travel agents network istanbul fruiit and vegetable c omission agents japan association of travel agents japan association of travel agents keratolytic agents lipotropic agents lubricating oils and lubricating agents luteolytic agents malarial disease agents manufacturer's agents maritime association of shipowners and agents marmara real estate agents society mineralizing agents mucoactive agents myopathy due to toxic agents national association of business travel agents needling agents nephrotoxic agents neuromuscular blocking agents neurotoxic agents no agents nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents organic surface-active agents osmotic agents owners' agents parasympatholytic agents parliamentary agents permanent diplomatic agents pharmacolog ical agents protective agents raising agents real estate agents recovery agents refrigerating agents regulating agents seated agents society of travel agents administrators stabilizing agents stimulative agents surface active agents sympathomimetic agents tanning agents teratogenic agents textile finishing agents therapeutic agents travel agents tric agents turkish cyprus association of travel agents uluslararası havayolu seyahat acenteleri ağı (international airlines travel agents network) uncoupling agents united federation of travel agents associations use of chemical and biological agents v series chemical agents v-series nerve agents vasodilator agents washing and cleaning agents weathering agents wetting agents workability agents

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