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İngilizce - Türkçe

sıklık sırası: 1640

ana kullanım

01. hesap


01. hesap vermek

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according to accounts according to all accounts according to some accounts accounts and inquiries accounts as evidence accounts audit accounts chart accounts code accounts commission accounts current accounts department accounts for costs accounts manager accounts of the same group accounts payable accounts payable account accounts payable ledger accounts payable turnover accounts payable turnover ratio accounts receivable accounts receivable account accounts receivable discounted accounts receivable financing accounts receivable for liquidation accounts receivable management accounts receivable register accounts receivable turnover accounts receivables accounts receivables turnover rate accounts staff accounts used accounts with various institutions to be subdivided into activity accounts addition to reserve accounts adjusting accounts adoption of accounts adoption of the annual accounts aging of accounts receivables aging schedule of accounts receivable all accounts allowance for doubtful accounts allowance for dubious accounts allowance for uncollectible accounts annual accounts annual settlement of accounts annual settlements of accounts applied accounts approved accounts asset accounts assets accounts assignment of accounts receivable audit the accounts audit the accounts on behalf of the shareholders audited consolidated accounts audited statement of accounts auditing of accounts auditor's report on the accounts auxiliary accounts balance of accounts balance of current accounts balance off accounts balance the accounts balance-sheet accounts bank accounts be quick at accounts book of accounts books of accounts branch accounts budgetary accounts by all accounts call accounts capital accounts cast accounts chamber of accounts chart of accounts charter of accounts check the accounts class of accounts classification of accounts clearance of accounts closure of accounts club accounts code of accounts codification of accounts collateral accounts collecting of accounts collection of accounts receivable committee of public accounts computing balances of accounts consolidate accounts consolidated accounts consolidated financial profit/loss accounts of insurance and reinsurance companies consolidated profit/loss accounts of insurance companies operating in the life branch consolidated profit/loss accounts of insurance companies operating in the non-life branches convertible accounts cost accounts cost accounts as required by 7/a court of accounts create accounts credits utilised through current accounts credits utilized through current accounts current accounts current accounts balance current accounts deficit current accounts payable current accounts surplus delinquent accounts department of budget, performance and final accounts dig out old accounts dimension accounts directorate general of public accounts directorate-general of public accounts disbursement accounts discount of assets accounts discounting of accounts receivable discounts of assets accounts discounts of liability accounts dissection of accounts divided accounts doubtful accounts dubious accounts european system of accounts european system of integrated economic accounts european system of national and regional accounts in the community expense accounts expense accounts and taxation external accounts falsification of accounts falsified accounts financial accounts financing accounts finding user accounts flow of funds accounts foreign trade accounts forex denominated accounts free accounts freezing of bank accounts from all accounts functional accounts general accounts general directorate of state accounts general plan of accounts go over the accounts have accounts head office and branch current accounts henry accounts for ten of them household accounts impersonal accounts imprest accounts in his own name and for his own accounts income accounts income statement accounts incorrect accounts individual retirement accounts instalment accounts insurance chart of accounts interest on current accounts interim accounts intermediary accounts investment accounts invisible current accounts juggle with one's accounts keep accounts keep the accounts landing accounts last accounts made up to law of definite accounts liability accounts loans utilised through current accounts loans utilized through current accounts low-cost accounts make a statement of accounts make accounts agree make out the accounts make up the accounts management accounts memo accounts methods of national income accounts mixed accounts money accounts money market accounts money market deposit accounts national accounts national accounts and sattelite accounts national income accounts national income and product accounts next accounts due nominal accounts notional accounts schemes number of accounts of no accounts off balance sheet accounts off-balance sheet accounts on many accounts operating accounts partnership accounts pass accounts as correct passbook saving accounts payable accounts payable-through accounts pending accounts personal accounts pledging of accounts receivable provision for doubtful accounts provisional accounts public accounts bulletin public accounts commission public accounts committee published accounts quarterly summary of accounts quarterly trade accounts real accounts reciprocal accounts reconcile the accounts reconciliation of accounts regulating accounts regulatory accounts render accounts rendering of accounts restraint of bank accounts result accounts revenue accounts revision of accounts saving accounts savings accounts schedule of accounts security accounts manager set of accounts settle accounts settle accounts (with one another) settle accounts (with) settle accounts between each other settle accounts mutually settle accounts with settle accounts with each other settle accounts with one another settle accounts with somebody settle or square accounts with settle outstanding accounts settling of accounts settling up of accounts social accounts social accounts matrix social accounts system special current and participation accounts square accounts square accounts (with somebody) square accounts with square one's accounts statement accounts statement of accounts stores accounts subsidiary accounts supreme council of public accounts supreme court of public accounts surplus in current accounts system of accounts system of national accounts tahrif at falsification of accounts term accounts that accounts for the milk in the coconut the uniform chart of accounts trade accounts payable trade accounts receivable trades accounts payable trades accounts receivable transfer money between postal cheque accounts transferable accounts transitional accounts transitory accounts two-sided accounts uncollectible accounts uniform chart of accounts unsecured accounts due use of cheque accounts user accounts user and group accounts valuation accounts values of active temporary accounts variance accounts wind up accounts yearly accounts zero-balance accounts

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