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Türkçe Argo / Turkish Slang

The following are some of the most common Turkish rude slang, they are highly OFFENSIVE and we do recommend you should avoid using them.

sik = cock, dick, prick

yarak = cock, dick, prick

am = cunt, pussy, twat

amcık = cunt, pussy, twat

orospu = prostitute, whore, bitch

boktan = shitty, crappy, fucking

göt = arse, ass, butt

hıyar = bastard, bugger, motherfucker

dalyarak = blockhead, pisser, dickhead

yavşak = slime, twat, bad hat

dallama = rude bastard, a nasty piece of work, asshole

piç = bastard, prick, asshole

ibne = gay, queer, queen

götveren = fag, queen, fairy

puşt = pansy, poof, rat-bastard

sikmek = fuck, screw, lay

orospu çoçuğu = son of a bitch, bastard, motherfucker

eşşeoğlu eşşek = son of a bitch, son of a biscuit eater, son of a gun

otuzbir çekmek = wank, jerk off, play with oneself


siktir = fuck off, get fucked, piss off

hasiktir = fuck you, fuck yourself, up yours

siktir git = fuck off, fuck you, go fuck yourself

amına koyim = fuck, fuck it, fuck me

amına koyarım = fuck, fuck it, fuck me

ebenin amı = fuck you, up yours, go fuck yourself

sıçtık = we're fucked up, that's a fine kettle of fish, that's a pretty kettle of fish

boku yedik = that's a fine kettle of fish, that's a pretty kettle of fish

götü yemez = he isn't man enough to do it

götüne koyim = fuck you in the ass

amına kodumun çocuğu = son of whom I fuck in pussy

ananı avradını sikeyim = fuck your mother and wife

sülaleni sikeyim = fuck your whole family

ecdadını sikeyim = fuck your ancestors

gelmişini geçmişini sikeyim = fuck your past and present