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İngilizce - Türkçe

sıklık sırası: 1085

POLITICS = ['politiks] noun
1 siyaset, politika
İngilizce örnek : He is a very impressive public speaker - he should be in politics.
Türkçe çevirisi : O, (halk önünde konuşan) çok etkileyici bir konuşmacı - politikaya atılması gerek (politikacı olmalıymış).
İngilizce örnek : I hate discussions about politics.
Türkçe çevirisi : Politika hakkındaki konuşmalardan nefret ediyorum.
İngilizce örnek : My mother isn’t interested in politics.
Türkçe çevirisi : Annem politikayla ilgilenmez.
İngilizce örnek : They never stop arguing about politics.
Türkçe çevirisi : Politika hakkında tartışmaktan hiçbir zaman vazgeçmezler.
2 politik görüşler
İngilizce örnek : His politics are right of centre.
Türkçe çevirisi : Politik görüşleri merkez sağdır.

Politics refers to the activities associated with the governance of a group of people or a nation. It involves the exercise of power, authority, and decision-making by individuals and groups to influence or control public policies and actions.

The field of politics encompasses a wide range of activities, including:

Government: Politics is closely associated with the government and the exercise of political power. Governments make decisions on behalf of their citizens and are responsible for implementing policies and regulations.
Political parties: Political parties are organizations that seek to gain and exercise political power through elections and other means. They represent different interests and ideologies and compete for control of government.
Elections: Elections are a key component of politics, as they provide citizens with the opportunity to choose their leaders and influence the direction of government policy.
International relations: Politics also encompasses relations between nations and the exercise of power and influence on a global scale. This includes diplomacy, foreign policy, and international trade and cooperation.
Political theory: Politics also involves the study of political theory and philosophy, which seeks to understand the nature of power and governance, and the principles and values that underpin political systems.
Politics can have a profound impact on people's lives, shaping the policies and decisions that affect everything from the economy and the environment to social issues and human rights. Political processes and decisions can be contentious and subject to debate and criticism, and it is important for citizens to be informed and engaged in the political process in order to hold their leaders accountable and promote the common good.

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