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İngilizce - Türkçe

Her determination to succeed allowed her to outvie all her competitors in the marathon.
The artist's latest masterpiece managed to outvie all previous works in terms of intricacy and beauty.
Despite the fierce competition, the company managed to outvie its rivals by introducing groundbreaking features to its product.
His dedication and hard work enabled him to outvie his colleagues, earning him the Employee of the Year award.
The team's collaborative spirit and innovative approach helped them outvie all other participants in the competition.
As a writer, she always aimed to outvie herself with each new novel, pushing the boundaries of her creativity.
The restaurant continually strives to outvie its competitors by offering unique culinary experiences and impeccable service.
The city's skyline has evolved rapidly, with each new skyscraper attempting to outvie its predecessor in height and architectural brilliance.
The fashion designer's latest collection outvies previous ones in terms of elegance, creativity, and attention to detail.
These examples showcase different contexts where the verb "outvie" can be applied to indicate surpassing or outperforming others.

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