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İngilizce - Türkçe

sıklık sırası: 163

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a kind of bread formerly given in the soup kitchen advance given to personnel advances given advances given to sub-contractors advances given to suppliers aid given in kind alms given at the close of ramazan at a given price at a given time attention must be given to be given be given a beating be given a big sendoff be given a circular shape be given a deceptive glitter be given a free hand (with something) be given a hard time be given a name be given a sheen be given a shot be given a thrashing be given as a name be given back be given gladly be given great pleasure be given liquid fertilizer be given one's cards be given preferential treatment be given priority be given promotion be given the name of be given the sack be given to be given to fancy be given to luxury be given to understand be given up be given weight being given a beating being given a sheen being given to better an apple given than eaten checks given and payment orders account cheques given and payment orders convert capacity within a given convert mass within a given system convert volume within a given system convert within a given system counsel is to be given by the wise, the remedy by the rich cover given decision given ex parte decision of unacceptability given by commissions deposits and guarantees given deposits and guaranties given account division of a line segment in a given ratio fix assets advances given for bribes to be given gift given given a fair chance given circumstances given good weather given health given information given name given period given statement given that given the chance given the chance/choice given the choice given the circumstances given the duty of given this given to given to boasting given to calculating given to grinning given to joking guarantees given by third parties on behalf of the enterprise has given way to high-rise have a task given to he was given up by the doctors how many meals are given on the flight I am given to understand that i am given to understand that if not given special protection in a given period of time in a given time in accordance with the instructions given it was not given him to judgement given in absentia let it be given loss given default name given at birth no date given no reason given nothing is given so freely as advice number of decision of un acceptability given by departments order advances given percentage frequency of a given flood person given to joking personal guarantees given on behalf of third parties present given by a bridegroom to his bride on the first sight of her face produce at a given cost property given in trust rations given in kind real guarantees given on behalf of the enterprise shall be deemed to have been duly given upon receipt that's given him a bit of a shake up that's given him a bit of a shake-up the answer given to me is that title given to women under the given conditions whatever god has given when given chance who has given birth to quintuplets will be given careful consideration

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