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İngilizce - Türkçe

sıklık sırası: 1528

ilgili sözler / related words

abnormal gain abnormal weight gain absolute gain absolute gain of an antenna aerial field gain aerial gain ampere-turn gain amplified automatic gain control amplifier gain analog gain antenna field gain antenna gain antenna power gain anticlutter gain control antidutter gain control automatic gain control automatic quiet gain control available conversion gain available power gain avarage daily weight gain avaraged daily live weight gain average daily gain azimuth gain reduction biased automatic gain control blue gain blue gain control body heat gain body weight gain brain gain breeding gain brewer's gain molasses bridging gain capital gain capital gain and loss capital gain tax cash gain casual heat gain cause somebody to gain cause to gain time clipper gain closed-loop gain closed-loop voltage gain common-mode gain common-mode voltage gain conduction gain consider it a gain conversion gain conversion gain ratio conversion voltage gain cost plus gain current gain dailing weight gain daily live weight gain daily weight gain delayed automatic gain control derive or gain advantage from something design heat gain detector gain device gain differential gain differential gain control directional gain directive gain diversity gain economic gain end gain time energy gain energy gain factor eq gain limit factory default setting gain value filter gain financial gain fixed gain mode for gain for the sake of a paltry gain foreign exchange gain foreign exchange gain or loss forward path gain gain a foot-hold gain a foothold gain a footing gain a hearing gain a personality gain a point gain a prize gain a profit gain a step up in rank gain a victory gain acceptance gain access gain adjusted value specification gain adjustment gain admission gain admittance to gain advantage gain advantage from gain altitude gain amplifier gain an advantage over gain an experience of gain and loss account gain and loss statement gain authority gain bandwidth gain bandwidth product gain clarity gain consciousness gain control gain control aver gain control of gain control of oil wells in iraq gain courage gain credit gain currency gain distinction gain error gain experience gain factor gain fame gain fat gain favour gain finality gain for gain from gain from illness gain from ilness gain function gain ground gain immunity gain importance gain in altitude gain in health gain in importance gain in strength gain in value gain in weight gain laurels gain margin gain martyrdom gain momentum gain money gain money to live on gain of antenna gain of function gain on gain on disposal gain on somebody or something gain on the share gain one's ends gain one's independence gain one's livelihood gain one's point gain one's purpose gain or loss gain or loss on monetary items gain or loss on sale of assets gain or loss on sale of other assets gain over gain over noise temperature gain power gain reduction gain score gain search gain sensitivity gain setting count gain setting mode gain setting request gain setting status gain setting status signal gain sharing gain somebody over gain somebody's favour gain specification gain speed gain speed or momentum gain strength gain support for gain switching gain the battle gain the day gain the initiative gain the mastery over somebody gain the upper hand gain the victory gain the wager gain time gain turn-down gain turndown gain turndown control gain twist gain upon gain utilisation factor gain value gain victory gain wealth gain weight gated automatic gain control and black level clamp genetic gain green gain control heat gain heat gain calculation height gain hope to gain from ill-gotten gain illicit gain incidental heat gain incremental gain individual gain per channel information gain input gain insertion gain insertion voltage gain insetrion gain instantaneous automatic gain control investment gain keyed automatic gain control lateral gain learn weeping and you shall gain laughing live weight gain logarithmic gain long-term capital gain loop gain loop gain characteristic loss and gain make a pecuniary gain master gain control matched power gain maximum available gain maximum available power gain mic gain model loop gain modulating gain negative gain neutralized stable gain no gain without pain no pain, no gain nothing venture nothing gain obstacle gain one man's loss is another man's gain open-circuit voltage gain output gain overall gain pain is gain percentile gain personal gain playback gain political gain position gain position loop gain power gain premium from gain price gain primary and secondary gain programmable gain proportional controller gain rate of gain realized gain realized genetic gain record gain recording gain red gain rediscount on interest gain reflection gain repeater gain reverberation-controlled gain circuit ride gain saturation gain secondary gain selection gain servo gain short-term capital gain solar heat gain sometimes the best gain is to lose statement of loss and gain steering gain substantial financial gain swept gain control temporal gain control there a gain there is a gain there's no great loss without some gain thermal gain thrust gain time-varied gain control transducer insertion gain transistor current gain transmission gain unity gain unity gain bandwidth unneutralized stabilized gain unrealized capital gain unrealized loss or gain user range setting gain value variable gain amplifier ventilation heat gain video gain video gain control voice gain voice operated gain adjusting device voltage gain water gain weight gain what in the world does he think he will gain what you lose on the swings you gain on the roundabouts windfall gain

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