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İngilizce - Türkçe

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a full heart a full hour a full point a full sister a full week a quiver full of children above full employment equilibrium absorption costing full costing achieve full integration with europe actual full supply line additional full crew aeroplane full compensation insurance are the cylinder mechanical lubricators full of oil? are you playing with a full deck area flowing full as full of meat as an egg assume full responsibility at a full gallop at full bat at full blast at full cock at full fling at full gallop at full length at full lick at full moon at full pelt at full speed at full steam at full stretch at full tear at full throttle at full tilt at the full authorized full supply balanced with full key be as full as a boot be as full as a tick be full be full of be full of ambition be full of beans be full of beas be full of bitterness (over) be full of blowholes be full of bull be full of holes be full of knobs be full of life be full of mischief be full of oneself be full of pep be full of pus be full of seaweeds be full of sorrow be full of vigour be full to overflowing be full to the brim be full up be in a full harmony with be in full control of the situation be in full leaf be in full swing be in full vogue be in the full glare of publicity bear the full consequences become full become full of small protuberances being completely full being full of ants being full of oneself being full of rancor being full to capacity blank full page block load full blow for full time bow thrust full to port side bow thrust full to starboard side bring a turbine up to full speed calculate full cast full skirt piston change from full control to joint control change from joint control to full control check full name check if the fresh water expansion tank is full chock full chock-a-block full with ciro full endorsement come full circle come to a full stop completely full cram full crammed full culvert aqueduct with full canal banks designed full supply discharge designed full supply level destination disk drive is full directory full discharge in full disk drive full disk full disk full - unable to complete save operation disk is full do the full monty don't talk with your mouth full dressed full dual full logic cassette decks electrical full load pump emergency full ahead emergency full astern employment full endorsement in full enhanced full enhanced full rate enjoy something to the full exploit somebody to the full exploit something to the full fall all one's full length on the ground filetable full first full week flight with full throttle folder full forged full skirt piston full [blood] sister full access full access password full access rights full adder full address full admiral full admission full advance full age full agonist full agreement full ahead full air conditioning full aligned full alignment full american plan full amount full and by full and complete cargo full and down full annealing full aperture full approach light system full assimilation full astern full attempt full attendance full authority full auto feature package full auto stop full automatic full axial flow full back full backup full balance of the skier full bang full beam full beam spread full belt full blast full bleach full block full blood full blown full board full board review full brother full brother or sister full brother/sister full budget analysis full cancel full capacity full capacity dial full cargo full cargo charter full cd full central heating full centre full charge full charter full choke full choke barrel full chorus full cif full circle full circle process full clipping full coil suspension full color full color process full colour full combustion full command full commitment full competition full complement full comprehensive insurance full conformity full conjunctive normal form full connected network full conrolled experiment full consolidation full container load full contributory value full control full control of access full convertibility full corn if ied cell full cost full cost accounting full cost model full cost pricing full cost theory of pricing full costing full costs full court full cover full coverage full coverage collision insurance full cream full cream milk full crew full crowding out full cup, steady hand full data users full decode selection full decoded selection full defragmentation full democratic government full democratization full density full denture full details full diameter full diameter shank full diet full dip treatment full disclosure concept full disclosure principle full document access full draw full dress full dress suit full dress uniform full dressed ship full dublex telegraphy full duplex full duplex full duplex circuit full duplex communication full duplex iletişim full duplex modem full duplex modem full duplex operation full duty full economic life cycle full economic price full electric full emergency standby point full employment full employment balance full employment budget full employment budget deficit full employment budget surplus full employment deficit full employment equilibrium full employment level full employment output full employment policies full employment surplus full employment-unemployment rate full endorsement full energy peak full english breakfast full enjoyment of the rights full equipment full exemption full explanation full face full face respirator full faced clutch disc full faith and credit debt full fall in series full fare full fare ticket full feathering airscrew full field color bars full finish full fling full floor full floppy full flow full flow test line full focus lens full form full frame full frames full freight full gainer full gas full gear full general full gloss full grown full grown wool full hand milking full handle full hard full hard temper full hardening full hearing full hole bit full house full hybrid full hygiene full image full implementation full in light full incapacity for work full inclusion full independence full indorsement full infinitive full information full information method full integrand full interest admitted full inversion full investigation full justification full keratinizing cell full lead crystal full leaf full leather upholstery full length full length zip full liability full liability to tax full lightly full line full linear group full load full load amperes full load consumption tam full load drive full load enrichment full load hours full load operation full load operation tam full load setting full load speed full load voltage full loading full lock full log full maintenance feed full many a full meander full measure full mechanization full member full members full membership full membership in the eu full menus full metal jacket full metal jacket bullet full metallic brake lining full military honours full mobilization full mode full modulation full modulation combustion control full mold process full moon full motion full motion antenna full motion video full mouth full must full name full nelson full network path full number full obligation full oem cd full of full of action full of adventure full of algae full of anger full of anguish full of ants full of anxieties full of articulations full of beans full of butterflies full of caterpillars full of chatter full of cold full of confusion full of expression full of fizz full of flies full of fun full of fury full of gardens full of gossip full of hate full of health full of himself full of holes full of hope full of hot air full of imaginary fears full of incident full of indentations full of knobs full of knots full of legal full of life full of light full of lines full of love full of meaning full of meat full of misgivings full of mistakes full of mulberry trees full of noise full of odds and ends full of oneself full of ornamentation full of pep full of plans full of praise full of reeds full of ringlets full of rips full of scratches full of seaweed full of shells full of sinews full of small protuberances full of strength full of suffering full of suspense full of tears full of the devil full of thorny plants full of trees full of tricks full of vim full of waves full of zeal full ok full on the nose full operation full operational capability full options full out full package sourcing full page full page of the same label full page print full page view full paid capital stock full pardon full participation full path full path name full pathname full pay full payment full pension full pension full performance full pirouette full point full power full power output full powers full premium full preservation full pressure monolayer full price full price discrimination full print full procedure full production full production control full professor full program sponsor full protection full quality assurance full quality assurance system

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