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İngilizce - Türkçe

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active frost advective frost annual frost zone autumnal frost average frost penetration be exposed to frost black frost catastrophic frost damage concrete frost concrete frost structure counter-measures against frost heave countermeasures against frost heave cover with hoar frost damage by frost damage done by frost day with frost day withouth frost degrees of frost depth of frost penetration depth of seasonal frost penetration design depth of frost penetration drainage by frost action early frost expose to frost exposed to frost five degrees of frost frost action frost and kindred phenomena frost bite frost blister frost boil frost bound frost bound line frost bulb frost canker frost churning frost cleft frost control equipment frost crack frost creep frost damage frost damage insurance frost danger frost day frost deposit frost depth frost door frost effect frost filters frost fissure frost fog frost formation frost free season frost frequency frost front frost grip frost hardy frost hazard frost heave frost heaves frost heaving frost heaving force frost hole frost hollow frost hummock frost index frost indicator frost injury frost jacking frost level indicator frost lift frost lifting frost line frost mound frost penetration frost phenomena frost pocket frost point frost polygon frost precaution frost preventive agent frost proof frost protection frost protection agent frost protection equipment frost protection fence frost protection irrigation frost protective frost region frost resistance frost resistant frost resisting frost ring frost risk frost riven frost riving frost shake frost shattering frost signal frost smoke frost sorting frost split frost stirring frost suction frost susceptibility frost susceptible frost suture frost sütürü frost table frost thrust frost upheaval frost valve frost warning frost weathering frost wedge frost wedging frost zone glazed frost ground frost heaving frost heavy frost hoar frost ice frost in the early dawn frost insurance against frost it is settling for a frost jack frost late frost late frost injury late spring frost night frost no frost refrigerating system nocturnal frost outgoing radiation type of frost perennial frost mound protection against frost radiation frost seasonal frost silver frost slippery frost spray frost subject to frost attack susceptible to frost there is a frost uremic frost white frost wind frost winter frost

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