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İngilizce - Türkçe

sıklık sırası: 1619

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a breath of a fresh air a breath of fresh air a fresh start admission of fresh air are these aubergines fresh are these tomatoes fresh are these watermelons fresh artichokes stuffed with fresh fava beans puree as fresh as as fresh as a daisy as fresh as a rose as fresh as daisy as fresh as new paint as fresh as paint ayran with fresh mint leaves be fresh become fresh again begin a fresh chapter boundary between fresh and salt water bread products, fresh pastry goods and cakes break fresh ground breath of fresh air breathe fresh air bring fresh blood bulgur pilaf with fresh fava beans bulgur pilaf with fresh figs and walnuts certificate for the fresh water generator check if the fresh water expansion tank is full don't get fresh don't get fresh with me! don't throw out your dirty water until you get in fresh dwarf fresh bean enjoy a bit of fresh air extra fresh egg fresh air fresh air blower fresh air camp fresh air channel fresh air cooling fresh air duct fresh air entrance fresh air fan fresh air flue fresh air grille fresh air heater fresh air hose fresh air inlet fresh air inlet channel fresh air intake fresh air intake hose fresh air make up fresh air make-up fresh air outlet fresh air pipe fresh air unit fresh air vent grille fresh air ventilator fresh and crips fresh and crisp fresh arrival fresh artichoke salad fresh balkan cheese fresh blood fresh bread fresh breeze fresh butter fresh cheese fresh cheese of goat's milk fresh complexion fresh concerte fresh concrete fresh cow fresh cow manure fresh cowpeas fresh cows fresh cranberry beans in olive oil fresh cream butter fresh cream cheese fresh egg fresh eggs fresh evidence fresh faeces sample fresh fava beans in yogurt sauce fresh feed fresh fields and pastures new fresh fig fresh fig jam fresh fish fresh fish fillets fresh flat beans fritter fresh from his journey of fresh frozen plasma fresh fruit fresh fruit and vegetable fresh fruit and vegetable export fresh fruit basket fresh fruit salad fresh fruits fresh fruits and vegetables fresh fuel fresh fuel element fresh gale fresh grape fresh herb fresh herb and mushroom pilaf fresh herbage yield fresh herrings fresh hide fresh leaf fresh legume grass fresh loan fresh magazine fresh manure fresh marine product fresh martensite fresh meat fresh milk fresh money fresh mortar fresh news fresh of the day fresh oil fresh oil lubrication fresh okra fresh or chilled whole chickens fresh or frozen vegetables fresh pasta fresh pastries fresh pea fresh peas fresh pod seed fresh pods fresh poultry fresh poultry meat fresh produce transported fresh pursuit fresh resources fresh salad fresh salami fresh sea salt fresh shirt fresh silage fresh snow fresh target fresh vegetable fresh vegetables fresh water fresh water biology fresh water cooling fresh water cooling kit fresh water crab fresh water crayfish fresh water fish fresh water fishery fresh water fuel farm fresh water lake fresh water load line fresh water pipe fresh water pump fresh water sounding two hundred and fifty cubic meters fresh water storage tank fresh water swamp fresh water tank fresh water tank (of a ship) fresh water tank filler connection fresh water tanker fresh water tankers fresh water trout fresh waters fresh way fresh weight fresh wood get a fresh lease of life get fresh get fresh (with somebody) get fresh with get some fresh air give a fresh impetus to go for a walk in the fresh air halva with cream, fresh cheese and walnuts home-made yogurt with fresh peppers I'm fresh as daisy i'm fresh as daisy in the fresh air in the fresh of morning in the fresh of the morning is the fish fresh today is this fish fresh keep fresh leaf fresh weight leguminous fresh feed let some fresh air into live human organs or fresh human blood make a fresh start marinated fresh herring not fresh of the fresh state package for keeping fresh periodically transfer to fresh media problems with fresh water pump quite fresh replace something with something fresh roasted fresh grain seedling fresh weight semolina dessert with fresh cheese shoot fresh weight take a fresh look at the vegetable doesn't look very fresh these don't look fresh this fish isn't fresh this isn't fresh this meal isn't fresh this meat isn't fresh timber fresh water timber tropical fresh water transferred fresh water from no. 1 tank to no. 2 tank transferring fresh water from no.1 tank to no. 2 tank tropical fresh water tropical fresh water load line uludag fresh fruit and vegetables exporters alliance vegetable farci with egg dill and fresh cheese filing in olive oil very fresh wholesale markets for fresh fruits and vegetables with fresh energy would you like some fresh ground pepper young and fresh your room is ventilated with fresh air all the time

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