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İngilizce - Türkçe

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a friend is easier lost than found a study has found that adapter not found all found among them ... are found asf not found be found be found abandoned be found guilty be found in the wrong be found not guilty be found strange be found wanting being found being found out cell found cells found chunk not found device found file found file not found files found found a colony found a company found a family found a modem found a new company found a party found a solution found an empire found bad found host found inside the packaging found object found pin found property found round illumination diamond found shipment group not found guess what I just found out have you found a dress that you like he finally found his niche in life he found that he is never found wanting he was found guilty host not found I found him in I found it very boring I found myself in I found myself telling a lie I found out he was having an affair I found out she was having an affair I'm sorry. it wasn't found i found him in i found it very boring i found myself telling a lie i found out he was having an affair i found out she was having an affair i'm sorry. it wasn't found if found feasible investment found it was not to be found it's high time he found himself a good woman item not found label not found loss and found lost and found in hotels lost and found in the vehicle lost and found office lost and found service lunacy so found match found mean indicated pressure found almost the same for all cylinders name not found new hardware found no cells found no fault found no files found no fonts found no items found no modem found no objects found no one has yet found a way to no sites found no text found no threat found not found not found in not to be found nothing found page not found path not found problem found proc not found property found rarely found in records found renewal found she is not to be found store found in topics found user not found variable not found was my hand bag found we found we had a lot in common well found where is the lost and found department where was the witness found

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