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İngilizce - Türkçe

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a good firm a high-paying firm above-mentioned firm above-named firm acquired firm aç köpek, firm deler/ yıkar all the costs of the repairs will be borne by our firm applicant firm as firm as a rock assumed firm name of a company audit firm barometric firm be a great or firm believer in be firm be firm with somebody become firm become firm friends behavioral theories of the firm behavioral theory of the apparel firm behavioural theory of the firm brokerage firm building contractor firm building firm business firm buy firm car rental firm commercial firm construction firm contracting firm dominant firm dominant firm model döner firm economic theories of the firm equilibrium of a firm at perfect competition equilibrium of firm equilibrium of the firm established firm expansion of the firm extend credit to a firm factor demand of firm failing firm failing firm defense financial firm financial statements on which the firm will financial statements on which the firm will express an opinion financing of the firm firm and simple faith firm arabası firm base firm belief firm belief in god firm bid firm butter firm capacity firm clay firm commitment firm contract firm contracts firm date firm delivery date firm energy firm environment firm factor demand firm friends firm ground firm handle firm intention firm knot firm law firm layer firm limit firm management firm monetary policy firm name firm offer firm order firm policy firm price firm purchase firm purchase commitment firm quota firm revenue firm rock firm run by an agent firm sale firm sales contract firm scale firm soil firm stratum firm supply firm supply curve firm theory firm touch firm trademark firm underwriting firm up firm up sağlamlaşmak firm value flexible firm head of a firm hold firm house furnishing firm import firm independent auditing firm individual firm supply industrial firm insurance firm internal constituencies of the firm investment firm join a firm as a partner keep a firm hand on law firm leader firm leading firm lighterage firm lobbyist firm long firm fraud low cost firm mail-order firm make firm marginal firm market research firm morally firm multinational firm multiple firm name of the firm network firm no firm decision was made no firm decision was made. nonbank financial service firm off-airport car rental firm on a firm footing on-airport car rental firm one-man firm optimum-size firm ordering firm outsourcing external to the firm outsourcing internal to the firm parent - firm partnership - firm perfectly competitive firm person of firm character potential firm private equity firm private firm proprietor of a firm prospective firm removal firm rent a car firm representative firm revenue of firm rival firm run a firm into debt sell firm shipowner's firm shipping firm single firm dominance size of firm size of the firm specialised firm sponsor firm stand firm style of the firm supply curve of firm take a firm stand the firm is afloat theory of firm theory of the firm ticker firm timber wholesale firm trading firm transfer of the seat of a company or firm transfer of the seat of a firm trucking firm venture capital firm very firm white shoe firm yüksek firm

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