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İngilizce - Türkçe

sıklık sırası: 1699

ilgili sözler / related words

a dingdong fight air fight be out of the fight be spoiling for a fight begin to fight biotechnical fight break in a fight cat-and-dog fight cause to fight with one another challenge to fight close fight councils of war never fight deadly fight ding-dong fight dog fight don't fight it fight a battle fight a duel fight a losing battle fight a losing battle against fight a war fight against fight against aids fight against competition fight against crime fight against discrimination fight against discrimination and for cultural diversity fight against drugs fight against fraud fight against international organised crime fight against international organized crime fight against international organized crime and money laundering fight against money laundering fight against odds fight against organised crime fight against racism and xenophobia fight against something fight against terrorism fight against time fight an election fight back fight cocks fight corruption fight crime fight drug trafficking fight each other fight eyleminin ikinci ve üçüncü hali fight feather fight fire with fire fight for one's life fight for the premiership fight heroically fight it out fight like cat and dog fight like kilkenny cats fight man to man fight nose-to-nose fight off fight one another fight one's way fight one's way out fight or flight reaction fight over fight people smuggling fight poverty fight racism fight shy of fight shy of a job fight shy of something fight side by side fight slapping and cuffing each other fight somebody or something hammer and tongs fight somebody or something tooth and nail fight somebody's battle fight somebody/something off fight something off fight terrorism fight to a finish fight to a standstill fight to the bitter end fight to the death fight to the last ditch fight to the last man fight tooth fight tooth and nail fight tooth and nail with one another fight with fight with all one's might fight with clean hands fight with each other fight with one another fight with one's backs to the wall fight with the gloves off fire fight fixed fight free fight get into a bloody fight get into a fist fight get into fight global fund to fight aids tuberculosis and malaria gun fight have a fight have a fist fight have a snowball fight he that fights and runs away, lives to fight another day he that is afraid of wounds must not come fight a battle he who fights and runs away, may live to fight another day I was in a fight i was in a fight in the thick of the fight incite people to fight with each other instrument fight rules instrument fight rules (ifr) integrated initial fight plan processing system law on fight against smuggling law on fight against terrorism law on fight against terrorism (lfat) law to fight terrorism make (people) fight each other make people fight each other mock fight pick a fight pillow fight policies to fight against terrorism policy to fight against drugs policy to fight against terrorism prevention of and fight against crime prize fight provoke a fight put up a fight put up a good fight ram trained to fight running fight sham fight short fight show fight single fight snowball fight spoiling for a fight stand-up fight street fight that cock won't fight there is no fight left in him verbal fight wage a bitter fight water fight we are in for a fight wheel fight without a fight you can't fight city hall you can't fight it

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