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İngilizce - Türkçe

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be feel proud of be feel the pinch begin to feel happy boardy feel brake feel brake feel (resistance) brake feel resistance brittle feel cause to feel cold causing one to feel cloth feel come and see us whenever you feel like it crunchy feel did you feel ill before the accident do what one feel likes doing do you feel all right do you feel pain after meals do you feel short of breath feel a bit less sad feel a chill feel a deep feel a desire feel a desire for feel a liking for feel a need of feel a new man feel a pricking feel a sympathy feel a sympathy for feel a tug at the heartstrings feel abandoned feel about feel about something feel admiration for feel after feel all of a dither feel an affinity for feel an affinity for somebody feel an appetite for feel an attraction for feel an interest in feel an obligation feel angry feel anguish feel anxious feel as right as rain feel ashamed feel ashamed of feel ashamed on somebody's behalf feel ashamed to feel at case with feel at ease feel at ease about feel at home feel at home with feel attracted to feel awful feel bad feel bad about feel badly feel badly about feel beneath somebody feel benumbed feel better feel bewildered feel bitter regret feel bitter toward somebody feel blue feel bored feel bound to do something feel bum feel capable of feel carefree feel certain feel cheap feel cheap like thirty cents feel chilly feel choky feel close feel close to feel cold feel comfortable feel compassion for feel compassionate feel confidence feel confidence in feel creepy feel dazed because of lack of sleep feel deep grief feel deep sorrow feel deeply feel depressed feel depressed or bored feel disgust feel disgusted feel disinclined feel dizzy feel down feel drawn to somebody feel dry feel dull feel easier feel embarrassed feel embarrassment feel empathy with feel empty feel enmity feel envy feel exhausted feel eyleminin ikinci ve üçüncü hali feel faint feel faint from hunger feel faint with hunger feel fatigued feel feverish feel fine feel fit feel foolish feel for feel for somebody feel free feel free to feel free to do something feel funny feel giddy feel glad feel grateful feel grateful for feel gratified feel great compassion feel great pity feel great pleasure feel great sadness feel green around the gills feel greet compassion feel grief feel grief for feel grieved feel groggy feel guilty feel half inclined to feel happy feel helpless feel hollow feel homesick feel honor-bound to do something feel honored feel honored to meet somebody feel honour-bound to do something feel honoured feel honoured to meet somebody feel hopeful feel hopeless feel horny feel hot feel how heavy something is feel humiliated feel hungry feel hurt feel ill feel ill at ease feel ill or unwell feel ill will to somebody feel ill will towards somebody feel ill-tempered because of lack of sleep feel in (for) feel in a good humour feel in a good mood feel in a happy mood feel in good humour feel in good mood feel in one's bones feel in one's bones that feel in one's element feel in the mood feel inclined to feel indebted feel independent of feel indisposed feel insignificant feel it beneath one (to do something) feel it in one's bones feel itchy feel justly proud feel keenly feel lighter feel like feel like (doing something) feel like 30 cents feel like a fish out of water feel like a million dollars feel like a new man feel like a new person feel like a rag feel like a wet rag feel like collapsing feel like crying feel like death feel like doing feel like doing something feel like drinking feel like eating feel like fainting feel like laughing feel like nothing on earth feel like oneself feel like sinking in the ground feel like sneezing feel like sobbing feel like something feel like thirty cents feel like throwing up feel like vomiting feel listless feel lonely feel lonely and homesick feel lost without feel low feel mean feel merciful feel miserable feel nauseated feel nauseous feel near fainting feel no inclination for feel no pain feel no sense of shame feel nohow feel nostalgic feel odd feel of cloth feel offended feel on top of the world feel one's blood run cold feel one's heart palpitating feel one's knees giving way feel one's leg feel one's oat feel one's oats feel one's pulse feel one's strength feel one's wav feel one's way feel one's way with a person feel oneself feel oneself capable of feel out feel out of it feel out of place feel out of sorts feel pain feel pains feel pangs of envy feel peckish feel pins and needles feel pity feel pity for feel pity for somebody feel pleasure feel proud feel proud of feel put upon feel quaint feel queasy feel queer feel quite oneself feel quite oneself again feel ready to drop feel refreshed feel regret feel regret for feel relaxed feel releved feel relieved feel remorse feel remorse for feel repentance feel resentment feel respect for feel restless feel revived feel rotten feel sad feel sad about feel secure feel shame feel shame at feel sheepish feel sick feel sleepy feel slightly ill feel sluggish feel small feel somebody up feel somebody's pulse feel somebody's wrath feel something deeply feel something in one's bones feel somewhat hungry feel sore feel sore all over feel sorrow feel sorrow (for) feel sorry feel sorry about feel sorry for feel sorry for oneself feel sorry for somebody feel stage fright feel stir of feel strange feel strongly feel strongly about feel suddenly faint feel suddenly sick feel suffocated feel sure feel sure of feel suspicious feel sympathy for feel terrible feel the absence feel the absence of feel the authority of feel the bite of feel the desire to feel the draught feel the force of feel the necessity feel the necessity (of) feel the need feel the need for feel the need to go the toilet feel the pinch feel the pulse feel the sword of democles hanging over one's head feel the want of feel thirsty feel ticklish feel tired feel too ashamed to feel toward somebody feel troubled feel uncomfortable feel under the weather feel uneasy feel uneasy about something feel unwell feel up to feel up to something feel upset feel very ashamed feel very cold feel very dejected feel very happy feel very hungry feel very pleased feel very sad feel very sleepy feel very sorry feel very thirsty feel very tired feel very weary feel weak feel well feel with the fingers feel with the hand feel woozy feel worn up feel wretched finish for improving the feel forget it, if that's how you feel about it from the feel of it get the feel of get the feel of something ground feel harsh feel have the feel of something how do you feel about it? I always feel nervous when I take exams I can feel it I can feel it in my bones I do feel sorry I don't feel anything about it I don't feel fine I don't feel like I don't feel like doing it I don't feel like it I don't feel like myself I don't feel my leg I don't feel quite myself I don't feel quite right I don't feel quite up to the mark I don't feel so well I don't feel up to it I don't feel well I feel a shade better than yesterday I feel all right I feel alone I feel an itch in my eyes I feel awful I feel better already I feel cold I feel depressed I feel distracted I feel dizzy I feel downright awful I feel exhausted I feel feverish I feel fit to drop I feel funny I feel giddy I feel ill I feel it in my bones I feel light-headed I feel like a fish out of water I feel like a million bucks I feel like a million dollars I feel like a sardine I feel like hell I feel like I can't trust you I feel like i'm going to vomit I feel like throwing up I feel lousy I feel lucky to know you I feel myself again I feel nauseous I feel queasy I feel quite exhausted I feel really sorry about this I feel rotten I feel sick I feel sick to my stomach I feel so empty without you I feel so much better now I feel so stressed I feel tense lately I feel terrible I feel that I feel the same about you I feel tired I feel upset I feel useless I feel warm. do I have a fever I feel weak I feel you'r wrong I hope you feel better soon I know how you feel I really feel depressed I speak with feel I want you to feel at home i always feel nervous when i take exams i can feel it i can feel it in my bones i do feel sorry i don't feel anything about it i don't feel fine i don't feel like i don't feel like doing it i don't feel like it i don't feel like myself i don't feel my leg i don't feel quite myself i don't feel quite right i don't feel quite up to the mark i don't feel so well i don't feel up to it i don't feel well i feel a shade better than yesterday i feel all right i feel alone i feel an itch in my eyes i feel awful i feel better already i feel cold i feel depressed i feel distracted i feel dizzy i feel downright awful i feel exhausted i feel feverish i feel fit to drop i feel funny i feel giddy i feel ill i feel it in my bones i feel light-headed i feel like a fish out of water i feel like a million bucks i feel like a million dollars i feel like a sardine i feel like hell i feel like i can't trust you i feel like i'm going to vomit i feel like throwing up i feel lousy i feel lucky to know you i feel myself again i feel nauseous i feel queasy

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