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İngilizce - Türkçe

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a father of five children a father of four children a father of two children a good father and husband absent father act as a father adoptive father be the father of become a father biological father can I talk to your father city father come the heavy father do the heavy father experience is the father of wisdom father and child father christmas father complex father confessor father figure father fixation father image father imago father of lies father of the house father on father right father something on somebody father substitute father surrogate father time father upon for father foster father from father to son go tell your father supper's ready he will jolly well have to tell his father heavy father holy father I mean his father I'd like to introduce my father I'm looking for something for my father i mean his father i'd like to introduce my father i'm looking for something for my father inherited from one's father irresponsible father is your father living it is a wise child that knows its own father like father like son may I introduce my father my father allows me £ 100 a year my father is having a heart attack named after his father natural father of the same father of the same mother and father old enough to be somebody's father our father play the heavy father primal father putative father stay at home father talk to somebody like a father the boy whose father is a pilot the boy whose father is a teacher the child is father of the man the child is the father of the man the father the father and mother of a the father and mother of a row the father of chemistry the holy father the wish is father to the thought this is my father what did your father die of who's the father words of the father you are your father all over again you ought to apologize to your father for him you take after your father

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