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İngilizce - Türkçe

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as easy as falling off a log avalanche falling back stoop falling or back support bank in falling condition be falling to bits be in danger of falling be on the verge of falling easy as falling off a log equal falling falling action falling apron falling asleep falling ball falling ball test falling ball viscometer falling before harvest falling birth rate falling birth-rate falling block falling body falling by chance to falling costs falling crest falling crest weir falling crests falling cut falling demand falling diphthong falling diphthongs falling disease falling down falling down from height falling down to falling due falling film cooler falling film evaporator falling for falling gradient falling hard falling hazard falling head falling head permeability test falling head permeameter falling in falling in big flakes falling in line with falling in love with falling in soft falling in with falling into ruin falling intonation falling leaf falling limb falling market falling material falling number falling of the water level falling of the water table falling of water table falling off falling off to sleep falling or fallen rocks falling out falling price falling rate of profit falling rate of profit theory falling rate of return falling rock zone falling rolls falling shutter weir falling shutters falling sickness falling slag falling sonority falling star falling stress falling tide falling time falling to falling to the ground falling tone falling velocity falling weight deflectometer free falling diameter freely falling body he came within an inch of falling into the sea I just missed falling I'm falling in love I'm falling in love with you i just missed falling i'm falling in love i'm falling in love with you injures from falling from a height it's as easy as falling off a log show a falling tendency side falling or side support sinking or falling to the bottom speed of falling stoop falling front support terminal falling velocity the sound of a falling drop

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