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İngilizce - Türkçe

sıklık sırası: 1129

ilgili sözler / related words

abdominal exercise active exercise aerobic exercise air attack exercise air fighting exercise alert exercise allied exercise publication allied exercise publications alternate exercise american council on exercise anaerobic exercise assistive exercise balance exercise on apparatus battlefield exercise bombing exercise budget exercise by the exercise of by the exercise of power of eminent domain calligraphic exercise class exercise clinical exercise physiology collective exercise of freedom of expression combat exercise combined exercise command field exercise command post exercise committee on the exercise of the inalienable rights of the palestinian people conditioning exercise controlled exercise coordinated exercise crisis management exercise daily adjustable progressive resistance exercise direct exercise disciplinary exercise do an exercise do exercise do you use the proper equipment during the exercise or sport? doing exercise dynamic exercise dyspnea on exercise exercise (one's right) exercise a privilege exercise a profession exercise a right exercise an influence upon exercise an option exercise and sports science reviews exercise area exercise authority exercise authority with crushing force exercise ball exercise balls exercise bike exercise book exercise books exercise boy exercise care exercise commander exercise control exercise control over exercise date exercise directing staff exercise for children exercise for men exercise for older people exercise for pregnant women exercise for women exercise id exercise immunology rewiev exercise incident exercise its rights exercise log exercise log id exercise message exercise mine exercise name exercise of a right exercise of discretion exercise of outstanding options exercise of property exercise of right exercise of rights exercise of the north atlantic treaty exercise of warrant exercise one's authority exercise one's gifts exercise one's mind exercise one's rights exercise oneself exercise oneself in exercise operations order exercise papers exercise patience exercise planning directive exercise power exercise price exercise program exercise programme exercise shareholder vote exercise sovereign power exercise sovereign right exercise specification exercise sponsor exercise stairs exercise stress test exercise study exercise term exercise test exercise tests exercise the jurisdiction exercise the powers exercise therapy exercise therapy for aged exercise therapy for children exercise tolerance exercise trampolines exercise type exercise types exercises or exercising or to exercise expenditure of exercise field exercise field training exercise firing exercise five-finger exercise free exercise free play exercise gentle exercise graded exercise test grand joint exercise heavy resistant exercise hinder the exercise of the right of petition I hardly ever exercise i hardly ever exercise ideal future exercise in the exercise of one's duties income of exercise intensive muscular exercise inter-command exercise international dance exercise association isokinetic exercise isometric exercise isotonic exercise jcs-coordinated exercise jcs-directed exercise joint exercise journal of sport and exercise physiology journal of the exercise of supreme court decisions law of exercise lessons-learned exercise limited budget exercise live exercise loosening up exercise map exercise maritime exercise medicine and science in sports and exercise military exercise military exercise directive and programme mobilization exercise multidisciplinary advisory board on exercise nato-wide exercise naval exercise night exercise nuclear weapon exercise officer authorised by law to exercise judicial power officer conducting the exercise officer scheduling the exercise oral exercise outdoor exercise paper exercise parachute jumping exercise passive exercise pediatric exercise science physical exercise practice exercise preoperational exercise preoperative exercise preparatory exercise preventing exercise of rights and feeding in prisons and detention house preventing the exercise of the right to petition preventing the exercise of trade unions right preventing the exercise of trade unions rights prevention of the exercise of freedom of belief thought and conviction prevention of the exercise of freedom of belief, thought and conviction prevention of the exercise of political rights progressive exercise progressive resistance exercise public relations exercise remedical exercise resistive exercise rifle exercise sand table exercise scale of an exercise search and rescue exercise security exercise security police exercise simulation exercise situational exercise stretching exercise submarine exercise coordinator synthesis exercise tactical exercise tactical exercise without troops take exercise terrain exercise test exercise tolerance exercise tough physical exercise training exercise triangle exercise unannounced exercise unlimited budget exercise voluntary exercise war exercise writing exercise written exercise you should take some exercise you' ii get a new exercise list every month

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