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İngilizce - Türkçe

sıklık sırası: 2930

ilgili sözler / related words

acceptance of objection to suspension of execution adjurnment of execution application execution error apply to the court for the stay of execution asynchronous execution attachment execution authorised tax office for compulsory execution award for execution award of an order for execution backup in execution best execution capital execution carry into execution carrya judicial sentence into execution cases judged related to the demand of stay of execution cases related to the demand of stay of execution cases related to the demand of stay of execution and cases judged claim a stay of execution command of execution compulsory execution compulsory execution of tax debts corruption of the execution of the obligation criminal execution code data logging execution deadline for the execution of contracts decision for stay of execution decision for the suspension of execution decree for execution rendered at the chief public prosecutors' offices defence industry execution committee demand of execution discharge of the budget execution do not have any effect on execution enforced execution equitable execution execution address execution and bankruptcy act article 153 execution and bankruptcy code execution and bankruptcy law execution area execution body execution by hanging execution council of turkey execution cycle execution delivery and performance execution delivery performance enforcement notarization or other certification or presentation of this agreement execution document execution draught execution duration execution enforcement execution error execution fees execution file execution for debt execution lag execution law execution monitor execution of a sentence execution of an element execution of an instruction execution of attachment execution of contracts execution of request for mutual assistance execution of sentence execution of steel structures and aluminium structures execution of the agreement execution of the criminal sentence execution of the throw execution office execution office director execution office file execution officer execution order execution period execution presecution execution proceedings execution profile execution request execution sequence execution state execution time execution trace execution warrant execution without trial extra judicial execution extrajudicial execution fees of execution file a suit for the stay of execution final date for execution financial execution for execution forced execution general budget execution high execution council including sovereign immunity immunity to pre-judgment attachment post-judgment attachment and execution information execution council instruction execution unit judge of execution levy execution against a company levy execution on somebody's goods manufacturing execution system manufacturing execution system logistics manufacturing production execution method of execution motion for stay of execution no protocol execution log number of stored protocol execution logs object to the execution proceedings objection to suspension of execution office of execution offices of judge of execution order of execution postponement of execution of the sentence program execution program execution status check instruction program low-speed execution registration instruction program memory batch transfer execution status programmable execution protocol execution completion protocol execution log write pointer protocol execution request protocol execution status provisional execution put into execution refresh execution rejection of objection to suspension of execution request a stay of execution resisting a public officer in the execution of his duty retry execution count retry execution waiting time sale under execution scan execution type scan execution type program service process execution amount sfc program for program execution management single-step execution skip execution specification of restoration repeated execution specified service process execution amount ssi execution status latch execution step number stay of execution stay the execution step execution sue for the stay of execution supervised execution supply chain execution suspension of execution suspension of execution (se) suspension of execution of a penalty suspension of the execution proceedings symbolic execution test execution test execution automation test execution phase test execution schedule test execution technique test execution tool trace execution in progress tracking execution time transfer of the execution of criminal judgements warrant of execution writ of execution

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