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İngilizce - Türkçe

sıklık sırası: 2082

ilgili sözler / related words

a barking dog never bites a dog in the manger a dog that will fetch a bone will carry a bone a dog will bark a gay dog a good dog deserves a good bone a hot dog please a live dog is better than a dead lion a living dog is better than a dead lion a sad dog a sly dog a woman, a dog and a walnut tree; the more you beat them, the better they be akbash dog akita inu dog alsatian dog american dog tick anatolian shepherd dog army dog as sick as a dog bad dog barking dog basenji dog be a dog in the manger be careful of that dog it looks hungry beagle dog belgian shepherd dog bench dog bernese mountain dog bernese mountain dog meningitis better be the head of a dog than the tail of a lion better be the head of dog than the tail of a lion beware of dog beware of the dog bichon frise dog bird dog blush like a blue dog bomb dog british dog tick brown dog tick bull dog type slip socket butterfly dog cant dog carriage return dog casing dog catarrhal fever of dog chain a dog chain up a dog chaw chow dog chihuahua dog chinese crested dog chocolate poisoning in dog chow chow dog chrysanthemum dog clamp dog clutch dog collar of a dog congo dog cut off a dog's tail and he will be a dog still dachshund dog dermatofibrosis in german shepherd dog did you walk the dog die like a dog dirty dog distributor drive dog do not keep a dog and bark yourself dog (jig ile) dog allergen dog anatomy dog anchor dog and pony show dog arm dog biscuit dog bite dog boning dog breeds dog briar dog car dog cart dog chamomile dog chuck dog clutch dog clutch disc dog collar dog daisy dog days dog dişi köpek dog does not eat dog dog ear dog ears dog eat dog dog elder dog end dog fight dog fishes dog flea dog food dog gas mask dog grass dog guard dog hair dog hairs dog hip dog hookworm dog house dog in the manger dog iron dog kennel dog large roundworm dog lead dog leg dog leg transition dog licence dog license dog louse dog mat dog meat dog nail dog net dog nettle dog oak dog on horseback dog one's footsteps dog parsley dog racing dog rose dog shore dog somebody's steps dog spike dog star dog tag dog tapeworm dog tax dog tick dog tired dog tooth bond dog tooth course dog tracing dog trainer dog training center dog type over shot dog violet dog watch dog wheel dog whipworm dog without a master dog wood dog wrench domestic dog double-pored dog tapeworm drahthaar dog english springer spaniel dog eskimo dog even a dog will refuse to eat it every dog has his day every dog has its day every dog is a lion at home every dog is allowed one bite explosive search dog fancy dog female dog fight like cat and dog finnish spitz dog fire dog fuck a dog fuck the dog gay dog gay old dog gear dog gear with dog clutch german police dog german shepherd dog give a dog a bad name and hang him give a dog an ill name and hang him give me a dog with the works give me a hot dog with the works glaucous dog rose go to see a man about a dog great pyrenees dog greater dog greater swiss mountain dog greyhound dog guard dog guide dog gun dog hair of the dog that bit one hair of the dog that bit you hand dog havanese dog have a hair of the dog that bit you he forbore to beat the dog he hasn't a word fo throw at a dog he who lies down with the dog will rise with fleas he who would hang his dog gives out first that is mad he who would hang his dog gives out first that it is mad help a lame dog over a stile holding dog hot dog hot dog house dog hunting dog hunting dog hypoglycemia syndrome I'm sick as a dog i'm sick as a dog in the dog house it is easy to find a stick to beat a dog japanese chin dog joiners' dog karabaş dog kars sheep dog keep a dog keeshond dog komondor dog kuvasz dog labrador dog lady dog laekenois dog lap dog lathe dog lead a cat and dog life lesser dog let sleeping dog lie lhasa apso dog lifting dog like a dog like a dog with two tails like cat and dog little lion dog long-haired dog love me love my dog love me, love my dog lowchen dog lucky dog malinese dog messanger dog messenger dog moon dog newfoundland dog not fit to turn a dog out pariah dog pet dog police dog pomeranian dog portuguese water dog prairie dog put on dog put on the dog rabid dog raccoon dog racoon dog rail dog rolling dog running dog saint bernard dog saint-bernard dog scout dog sea dog see a man about a dog seeing-eye dog set the dog on somebody sheep dog shepherd dog shepherd's dog shift dog shoo the dog shoo the dog out of kitchen shooting dog sick as a dog slide dog sly dog sniffer dog somebody else's dog someone has to walk the dog spitz dog sporting dog spotted dog starting dog steel dog stray dog street dog sun dog tail wagging the dog take a hair of the dog that bit you the dog returns to its vomit the dog star the dog wants to get out the greater dog the tail of a dog the tail of the dog the tail wags the dog there are more ways of killing a dog than hanging it there is life in the old dog yet there is still life in the old dog yet! there's a good dog top dog toy dog tracker dog treat somebody worse than a dog trip cam or dog walk the dog watch dog watch dog timer water dog we're out of dog chow what would you like on your hot dog why keep a dog and bark yourself wolf dog work like a dog yellow dog yellow dog contract you can walk with your dog in the park you can't teach an old dog a new trick you can't teach an old dog new tricks you cannot teach an old dog new tricks

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