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İngilizce - Türkçe

sıklık sırası: 2040

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accession document accession partnership document accompanying document active document add slides to microsoft word document add to document affix a seal to a document annotated document any available document application of a normative document apply a seal to a document apply to whole document archival document associated technical document atr document attached document audio-visual document audiovisual document authentic document authorization document automatic document feeder automatically hyphenate document automatically update document styles b/w document background document bank advance guaranteed by document baseline document belge false document bid document binder document unbinder blank document building occupancy permit document burnt document calculate document can I get another document instead of your passport? carbon finance document cash against document certification of a document change document change document type change document view charging document check document classified document or material clean transport document clean up a document close document combined transport document commercial document commitment document common interface definition document common technical document common transit and single administrative document comparison document sample compound document compound document access compound document architecture compound document commands compound document creation compound document support confidential document confidential information and document confidentiel document confirm document deletions confirmity document continuous synopsis record document control document convention travel document copy document core document cover page editor document create a new document which lists create document shortcut here current document customer requirements document customs document çoklu belge arabirimi (multiple document interface) damage destruction or concealment of a private document damage destruction or concealment of an official document damage, destruction or concealment of a private document damage, destruction or concealment of an official document data document data-only document default document template department of the army shipping document design approval document discharged document discovery document disputed document document a cell document access document against payment document analysis document architecture document authority document automation document basics document bill document bills document body document case document close document compartment document condition document contents document contents architecture document control document control menu document control office document conversions document deletions document delivery document dictionary document done document drive document evidences document evidencing the debt document examination equipment document examiner document feeder document fields document file document footer document forgery document format document formatter document glass document grid document icon document imaging systems document in document in proof document index document indexing document information document interchange architecture document interchange format document is protected document jam document label document library document management document management system document management technique document map document medium document merge document mode document moved document name document not open document number document object model document of acquittance document of charges document of compliance document of environmental impact assessment report is affirmative document of environmental impact assessment report is not necessary document of proof document of retail sales document of title document of understanding document officer document owner document pane document path document periodicity document pocket document posted document processing document profile document properties document reader document reference edge document registration form document retrieval document revisions document routed document saved document screen document selection document size document state document statistics document storage document style document template document template file document the identity document title document to fax document type document type definition document type definition document view document window draft document draw up a document eatchip work programme document edit document edit main document electronic document electronic document delivery electronic document interchange electronic document management electronic document management system end document end of document engineering document entire document environmental permit document eur 1 document execution document explanatory document external document extrajudicial document fake document false document falsify on a document fax document fax viewer document flight safety document system foreign exchange buying document foreign exchange purchasing document foreign exchange selling document forged document forgery of official document form document fragile document fraudulent document full document access general document department get a document faxed get document globe document good manufacturing practices document goods receipt document guide document gunduz publishing and distribution income partnership document gazi forest farm handwriting and document examination assistant handwriting and document examination expert harmonisation document header document helsinki document hide spelling errors in current document html document identity document image document include with document income partnership document informed consent document insurance document interface control document internal document inward processing document irregular travel document form issue a duplicate of a lost document joint assessment document joint inclusion document judicial document key assignments for document template legacy document legal document linked document lock document locking a document magnetic ink document reader magnetic ink document sorter magnetic-ink document reader mail merge main document main document main document only make an abstract of a document map document mark scanning document master document master document view maximize document merge the data with the document merge to new document message and document distribution system microsoft document converters microsoft office binder document unbinder microsoft word document minimize document missing document missing document font mission need document mixed document monthly contribution and service document mortgage document move document msinfo document multi-annual indicative planning document multiannual indicative planning document multiple document interface multiple-file document my document isn't printing right national security political document need document negative document negotiable document negotiation framework document new document new document type new main document next document no document normal document normal document view normative document notarial document offical document office document official document operational requirements document options for current document only original document paper document partial document access pay adjustment document personal document polishing a document portable document post document poverty document preliminary design document preliminary status document premium document preparatory document process document project definition document project design document project initiation document prompt for document properties proofing a document proofing document proper document administration protect document protect document for protect/unprotect document providing false information in the course of issuing an official document published document put a document on the file quality document schedule questioned document receipt document recheck document referenced document fields registered document registration document registration document araba requirements document residence document residence registration document restore document restore to normal word document restricted document rich text document route document route document to route document to all recipients all at once safe manning document save current document save picture in document save with document scanner document feeders scrolling through a document scrutinize a document select a document send copy of document without using the routing slip send document as an attachment set one's hand to a document set up main document shell document shipment document shipping document show document show revisions in printed document show/hide document text signature verified document single administrative document single-source document size document social security registration and service document social security service document software item document source document start document startup document stockholm document strategic coherence framework document suitable for a document superintendence document support document supporting document suppress a document sworn document system baseline definition document system detailed description document system document system specification document taşınabilir belge biçimi (portable document format) technical work document teletex document tender document termination of connection document test document test requirements document text document text-only document theater shipping document this document tiff document transit accompanying document transport document transport document handling transportation control and movement document transportation document travel document travel document validation tse conformity document tsek quality conformity document turnaround document type of document unlocking a document unprotect document untitled document upload document useful model document utility model document vehicle document vehicle registration document vendor's shipping document verifying document version description document vienna document water cargo document web document whole document wiff document windows of active document with document template word document wording of a document wordmail document wordpad document working document written document xif document zoning document

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