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Türkçe - İngilizce

sıklık sırası: 7181


İngilizce - Türkçe

sıklık sırası: 64

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a fellow can't do this all day a foolish thing to do a reed before the wind lives on while mighty oaks do fall a reed before the wind lives on, while mighty oaks do fall able to do something blindfold able to do something standing on one's head about to do something advise somebody to do something afford an opportunity to do something after all, he can do what he likes with his own money agree to do the same thing agreement on what to do aim to do something all according to what you want to do all set (to do something) all you do all you do is anybody can do this anything else I can do for you apt to do something aren't you going to do anything as closely as we used to do as much as one can do as they do not know as you do know be able to do be able to do something be able to do something blindfolded be able to do without be about to do something be afraid to do something be anxious to do something be at a loss what to do be at liberty to do something be at pains to do something be at sea to do something be bound to do be careful not to do something be delighted to do be determined to do be eager to do something be foolish of somebody to do something be hard put to do something be hard put to it (to do something) be honor-bound to do something be honour-bound to do something be impatient to do it be impatient to do something be in a position to do something be itching to do something be loath for a person to do something be loath to do something be made to do something be pleased to do be pleased to do something be proud to do something be raring to do something be reluctant to do something be reluctant to do what one has promised be slow to do something be supposed to do be tempted by somebody and do something silly be tempted to do be tempted to do something be too late to do anything be too lazy to do be too lazy to do something be unable to bring oneself to do something be unable to do be unable to do anything be unable to do anything right be unable to do something be unable to do without be under orders to do something be unwilling to do be unwilling to do any housework be urged to do be wild to do something be willing to do be willing to do something be wont to do beat one's brains out (to do something) begim to do something begin to do idiotic things being able to do bend over backwards to do something bethink oneself to do better do it than wish it done break one's neck (to do something) bring oneself to do something bring somebody to do something can you do it now can you do something about it can you do with bread and cheese for supper? can't do anything with somebody or something cause somebody to do something chance to do something choose the right moment to do something circumstances do not admit this clothes do not make the man coffee or tea which do you prefer commission somebody to do something contest somebody's right to do something continue to do something could do with could do with somebody or something could do without could you do me a favour could you do something about the clutch designed to do something did I do anything wrong did I do something wrong did the medicine do you any good did you do it difficult to do but easy to destroy disdain to do something do 3 years in prison do 60 miles per hour do a bad job do a bad turn do a bad turn to do a bargain do a belly dance do a biopsy do a blue book do a bunk do a deal do a disservice do a double take do a fadeout do a favor do a favour do a favour for somebody do a feasibility study do a flanker do a good deed do a good job do a good stroke of business do a good trade do a good turn do a handstand do a hard job without proper means do a job do a job carelessly do a job easily do a job thoroughly do a job together do a kindness do a lag do a lesson do a lot of entertaining do a lot of work do a moonlight flit do a one-two do a polite thing do a portrait do a power of work do a problem do a puzzle do a quick sketch of do a roaring trade do a room do a round trip do a service do a show do a slow dance do a slow foxtrot do a somersault do a takeoff on do a task do a thing by fits and starts do a thing under the rose do a town do a translation do a turn do a turn-tail do a u-turn do a very hard job do a very thorough job do about do açkısı do aerobics do again do all in one's power do all one can do all possible do all possible do all right for oneself do all the harm possible do all the rooms have cable tv outlets do all the rooms have internet outlets do all the rooms have phone outlets do an about-face do an exercise do an experiment do an ill turn to somebody do an implant do an impression of somebody do an injury do an injustice do an injustice to somebody do anahtarı açkısı do anything do anything within reason do arms drill do art do as ene pleases do as I say do as I say not as I do do as I say, not as I do do as I tell you do as likes do as much harm as possible do as one is bid do as one is told do as one pleases do as the friar saith, not as he doeth do as you are told do as you are told! do as you choose do as you think it proper do as you think proper do as you would be done by do as you're told do away do away with do away with family do away with oneself do away with somebody do away with something do badly do badly in the elections do battle do be quiet! do bemol do better do bird do bodybuilding do bookkeeping do buses run all night do business do business with do business with a client do business with somebody do by do by halves do calisthenics do cavity do cleaning do come back soon do come in do credit to somebody do çift diyez do çifte bemol do damage do dangerous things do dealings (with) do demonstration do despicable things do despite to do detective work do divide do diyez do donkey work do down do duty for do embroidery do everything in reason do everything possible to upset one do evil do exercise do exercises do eyleminin ikinci hali do eyleminin üçüncü hali do field click do field work do fine work on do for do for somebody do for something do french do funny things do give us a song do good do good for somebody do good to somebody do good works do good, thou doest it for thyself do gooder do great harm do great things do gymnastic exercises do habitually do hamlet do harm do harm to do harm to somebody do hastily and carelessly do have some fried meat- it's delicious do his job for him do homage to do honor to do honour to do I change here for do I get insurance do I get off here do I have the right number do I have to do I have to change anywhere do I have to change buses do I have to change planes do I have to change trains do I have to diet do I have to feed them do I have to pay a surcharge do I have to reconfirm my flight do I have to stay over saturday night do I have to stay overnight do I have to stop this car do I have to? do I have your ear do I know you do I make myself clear do I make myself perfectly clear do I need a prescription for do I need stitches do I need surgery do I need to bring anything do I need to bring something do I need to change trains do I need to paint you a picture do I need to see a specialist do I need to write my passport number do I pay now or later do I pay you or the cashier do in do in rome do in rome as the romans do do in rome as the romans do! do in somebody do into do it do it all on one's own do it in do it in the french way do it into german do it now do it one's own way do it one's way do it the hard way do it to do it whatever happens! do it yourself do it yourself mechanic do jolly well do just the right thing do justice do justice to do justice to somebody do justice to something do kavite do lecturing do list do lunch do majör do me a favor do me a favour do military service do minör do minör anahtarında do miracles do mischief do more harm than good do more quickly do my eyes deceive me do no business with a kinsman do no good do no good to do not arrange do not audit do not be longer than you can help do not believe it do not bite off more than you can chew do not care do not carry coals to newcastle do not compress do not connect do not count your chickens before they are hatched do not cry for the moon do not cry out before you are hurt do not cut off your nose to spite your face do not cut the bough you are standing on do not cut the grass so short do not dial do not disturb do not drink alcohol do not drink tea/alcohol as long as you take this medicine do not enter do not exist do not export do not forget to remove your baby's gas after breastfeeding do not forward do not get out of your car do not go unless you must do not halloo till you are out of the wood do not have any effect on execution do not have\put too many irons in the fire do not import do not import column do not iron do not keep a dog and bark yourself do not keep all your eggs in one basket do not kick against the bricks do not let the sun go down on your anger do not let the sun go down on your wrath do not log do not move do not open do not play do not play with edged tools do not quarrel with your bread and butter do not reboot do not reduce do not refresh do not replace do not restart do not resuscitate patients do not rob peter to pay paul do not send do not sign up do not size with chart do not take more than the stated dose do not tell tales out of school do not test do not throw pearls to swine do not touch do not triumph before the victory do not try to teach your grandmother to suck eggs do not upgrade do not use damaged discs do not verify do not wash your dirty linen in public do not wear out your welcome do notası do nothing do notstir do number one do number two do obeisance do obeisance to do obeisance to somebody do odd jobs do on the hill as you would do in the hall do one a favour do one an ill turn do one good do one harm do one proud do one's best do one's bit do one's business do one's daily dozen do one's damnedest do one's duty do one's exercises do one's eyes closed do one's face do one's hair do one's heart good do one's homework do one's job do one's job for one do one's job well do one's level best do one's military service do one's national service do one's nut do one's own thing do one's packing do one's part do one's share do one's shopping do one's shopping in town do one's stuff do one's teeth do one's thing do one's utmost do one's work do one's work with a will do one's worst do oneself an injustice do oneself justice do oneself produd do oneself proud do oneself up do oneself well do option business do or die do or say something out of spite do out

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