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agreement between the usa and the ussr on measures to improve the usa ussr direct communications link airborne direct air support center algebraic direct sum algebraic direct system azimuth by direct solar observation breakdown of direct premiums by insurance branches changing direct speech into indirect charge motion guided direct injection common rail direct fuel injection common rail direct injection component direct evaporative cooler cross-border direct mail determined direct object dial direct dial direct to diesel direct injection and glow plug system direct a hose at direct a play direct access direct access devices direct access input direct access line direct access memory direct access mode direct access output direct access processing direct access radar data direct access storage direct access storage device direct access storage devices direct acting direct acting diaphragm valve direct acting instrument direct acting load direct acting pump direct acting thermostat direct acting valve direct actinic effect direct action direct action fuse direct action mission direct address direct addressing direct administrative evaluation direct administrative valuation of tax direct admission direct admission valve direct advertising direct agreement direct air defence direct air defense direct air support center direct air support centre direct airside transit visa direct algorithm direct allocation direct amortization direct analysis direct and indirect taxes direct angle direct antecedent direct antiglobulin test direct applicability direct application direct arbitrage direct arc furnace direct area direct assay direct association direct attack direct auditing direct auscultation direct award direct award procedure direct bag direct bank protection direct bankruptcy method direct beam direct bending direct beneficiary direct benefit direct benefits direct bill of lading direct billing direct bills of lading direct blow direct bond magnesite chrome refractories direct bone impression direct booking direct brazing direct broadcast satellite direct broadcast satellite television direct broadcast system direct broadcasting via satellite direct bs/l direct burning direct business direct buyer direct cable connection direct cable connection application direct call direct call facility direct calorimetric measurements direct capacitance direct capitalization direct capitalization approach direct carbon injection direct case direct casting direct cause direct channel direct channel of distribution direct chill casting direct chip attachment direct cinema direct circuit direct claim direct clearing member direct clutch direct code direct coding direct combustion direct combustion reaction direct command guidance direct command procedure direct communication direct comparison method of measurement direct compatibility direct competition direct competitor direct composite resin applications on anterior teeth direct compression direct connect direct connected pump direct connection direct connections direct contact direct contact group direct contact heat exchanger direct contact impregnation direct control direct control on prices direct controller pilot communication direct controller-pilot communication direct controls direct conversation direct conversion direct cooling direct cooling system direct correlation direct corrosion direct cost direct costing direct costs direct coupled generator direct coupling direct coupling amplifier direct course direct credit direct credits direct current direct current direct current amplifiers direct current biasing direct current cardioversion direct current cleaning direct current component direct current coupling direct current electric arc furnace direct current electric furnace direct current electric motors direct current electrode negative direct current electrode positive direct current furnace direct current generator direct current level instability direct current machine direct current motor direct current plasma direct current power direct current principle direct current resistance direct current shock direct current shock ablation direct current transmission direct current voltage direct current working voltage direct cylinder direct damage direct damage assessment direct damages direct data entry direct data exchange direct dealings direct dealings between banks direct debit direct debit authorisation direct debiting direct definition direct demand direct democracy direct deposit fund of russia direct depreciation direct derivability rule direct derivation direct descendent direct determinant direct development direct device direct dial inwards direct dialing direct dialing in direct dialling direct dialling in direct dialling-in direct digital control direct dimension direct dimension of superstition direct dimension of tradition direct diplomacy direct discharge to groundwater direct discourse direct discrimination direct disk access direct dispatch direct display direct distance calling direct distance dialing direct distance dialling direct distribution direct documentation direct drill direct drilling direct drilling machine direct drive direct drive motor direct drive supercharger direct drive transmission direct droplet infection direct drying direct drying apparatus direct dye direct dyeing direct dyestuff direct e-commerce direct effect direct effect of disasters direct effects direct election direct election of senators direct elections direct electric currents direct electromotive force direct elimination direct emboli direct emetic direct enable direct energy conversion direct entrance call direct evaluation direct evidence direct examination direct exchange direct exchange rate direct exercise direct exhaust system direct expansion direct expansion coil direct expansion evaporator direct expansion refrigerating system direct expansion refrigeration direct expansion system direct expenditure direct expense direct expenses direct experience direct export direct exporting direct exposure direct extraction procedure direct extrusion direct fa test direct factoring. direct fare direct fastening direct fault direct financial interest direct financing direct financing lease direct fire direct fire sight direct fire sights direct fired air heater direct fired heater direct firing direct firing system direct firing system with vapour separator direct fission yield direct flame incineration direct flight direct flight mechanisms direct flow direct flow valve direct fluorescent antibody direct fluorescent antibody staining direct flux direct foreign capital investment direct foreign investment direct foreign investments direct formatting direct forming direct fracture direct free kick direct fuel injection direct gasoline injection direct gifts direct glare direct goniolens direct grant agreement direct graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry direct grid bias direct halftone direct hardening direct harvesting direct heater direct heating direct heating cathode direct heating system direct hernia direct hf direct hit direct hot water supply direct ice contact direct ignition system direct illumination direct image direct importation direct income support direct income support policy direct income support society direct indicating compass direct inductive coupling direct injection direct injection common rail direct injection engine direct injection fuel system direct injection humidifier direct injection piston direct injection series turbocharged after cooled direct injection spark ignition direct injection spark ignition engine direct injection stratified charge engine direct injection system direct injection turbo charged after cooled direct injection turbo charged after cooled jacket water direct injection turbocharged direct input direct insert subroutine direct instruction direct insurance direct insurance contract direct insurer direct interception direct interconnection direct interelectrode capacitance direct internet access direct interpretation direct intervention direct interview direct investment direct inward dial direct inward dialing direct inward system access direct iron ore smelting reduction direct iron reduction direct irrigation benefits direct irrigation system direct jump direct knowledge direct labor direct labor budget direct labor cost direct labor costs direct labor expenses account direct labor time differences direct labor variances direct labor wage differences direct labour direct labour cost direct labour costs direct labour expenses direct laryngoscopy direct laying direct laying position direct leasing direct letter of credit direct leveling direct liability direct light direct light reflex test direct lighting direct limit direct limit of magmas direct limit of modules direct limit topology direct line direct line fluorescence direct line printer direct lithography direct loading from bale chute direct loan direct loss direct losses direct mail direct mail advertising direct mailing direct manipulation direct mapped direct marketing direct marketing channel direct material direct material variances direct materials budget direct materials purchase budget direct materials usage budget direct maternal mortality direct meaning direct measurement direct measurement of migration direct mechanical theory direct media direct melt process direct memory access direct memory access direct memory access controller direct methanol fuel cell direct method direct method of measurement direct method of reporting cash flows from operating activities direct microscopic examination direct mode direct mortgage loan direct motion direct mutations direct negotiation direct nuclear reactions direct numerical control direct numerical simulation direct object direct observation direct obstetric death direct occlusion direct offset direct oil quenching direct one's speech to direct one's steps to direct one's words to direct oneself direct oneself to direct only direct operating expenses direct ophthalmoscopy direct or indirect possession direct or with front processing stubble drill direct oral method direct order direct organization direct outlet direct output direct outward dialing direct oxidation direct painting direct pass direct passing cancelled vessel direct passing interrupted vessel direct passing vessel direct payment direct percentage function direct percussion direct photography direct picking platforms direct pickup direct pinning direct placement direct plotting direct pointing direct polarization direct poring direct port direct positive direct potentiometric measurement direct premeditation direct premiums direct prescriptive approach to cooperative learning direct pressure direct primary direct primary cooler direct print direct printing direct probability

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