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İngilizce - Türkçe

sıklık sırası: 3855

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a button is missing a button short acknowledge button action button action button end active button add button adjusting button advanced button aleppo button anchor button as bright as a button bachelor's button bagdad button barrier button bell button belly button blower fan switch button bright as a button button actions button apathy button base button blank button boots button boy button breaker button breaking button clover button color button configuration button cutter button cutting blade button distance button down button drainage button earring button editor button face button fastening button fly button for horizontal picture hold button for switching button for vertical picture hold button head button head bolt button head rivet button headed screw button headed screw thread button hole button lock button loop button machine button maker button manufactory button microphone button mould button mushroom button one's lip button one's lips button one's mouth button only button order button punch snap lock button quail button sewing machine button shadow button shank button size button something up button style button switch button terminal button test button text button tree button type button up button welding button wood button your lip call button cam button camera search button cancel button carbon button center button change button chinese ball button choose button image click on the right button on a mouse close button cold start button collar button command button computer setting button concealed button facing contact button control button copy button copy button image corneal button correction button covered button create button cruise control resume button custom button cylinder release button default button defroster button disable edit button door button double-point push button doublepoint push button draw button e-mail button edit button image eject button email button emergency button emergency stop button emergency stop push button enable edit button end button enlisted reserve corps lapel button erase button fabric button fabric covered button fax button field button filler door release button fire alarm button firing button flat button flow button flush button form button frequency scan button glass button go button go button press gold button gold star lape button have a button loose he has a button off his coat help button hexagon socket button head bolt hide button hide file system button hide pointer and button hide pointer and button always hide virtual memory button hit the panic button honorable service lapel button horn button horn button relay horn push button hostess call button hover button hovered button I'll give you a medicine for your baby's belly button i'll give you a medicine for your baby's belly button in one's button hole install button intelligent access with push button start intelligent key with push button ignition kisser button kissing button language button lapel button left button light button lock button macro button max button max rec button maximize button memory button menu button microphone button middle button min button minimize button minus button momentary push button mouse button murphy button new name of the button normal button not worth a button ocr button odometer button function odometer button position odometer reset button omi send button on the button on-off button one-touch adjustment button operating button option button options button outline button palette button panic button paste button image pastry in thick syrup likened to ladies button pearl button pick button play-back button plus button preset station button press a button press button press button switch press the button press the panic button press this button press-to-talk button program selector button programme selector button push button push button activation switch push button control push button kit push button starter push button switch push button valve push the panic button push the start button push-to-talk button pushed button quick release button quick up button radio button recirculation button record button release button remote control button reset button reset button image reset button position resetting button rest button restore button rewind button right button rubber button scan button scan/ocr button select button service button sew-through button shank button shanked button sharing button shift lock override button shift mode button short circuit button shortcut button show popup menu button sleeve button small caption button snooze button spin button split button sprue button start button start-stop button starter button starting button stem button stop button submit button subtitle button sweep button switch button tab button take by the button teflon pin button telephone with call button test button testing button text button text button name this button controls the lights this is the on/off button here thumb button toggle button tool button toolbar button trigger button trip button trip computer reset button trouser button turn button lock universal centering button universal joint centering button upholstery button virtual push button web button home web button link web home button web link button when you press this emergency button the nurse on duty will come here immediately windshield wiper button world war I victory lapel button you can press the button in an urgent case

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