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İngilizce - Türkçe

sıklık sırası: 9806

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air cleaner boot ana önyükleme kaydı (master boot record) ankle boot as tough as an old boot audit boot axle boot bad extended boot record ball joint boot clip guide be as full as a boot boot band boot clamp boot cut boot device boot disk boot disk or cd-rom boot drive boot entries boot entry id boot file boot file size boot files boot floppy boot image boot jack boot lamp boot leaf boot lid boot lid contact switch boot lid shell boot lid switch lock boot loader boot lock boot manager boot mat boot money boot opening boot operation boot option boot options boot out boot out somebody or something boot partition boot polish boot process boot record boot ring boot ring groove boot rom boot sector boot sleeve boot somebody or something out boot somebody out (of something) boot stage boot start boot the computer boot top boot topping boot tree boot up boot virus calf-length boot cd boot disk combat boot cover boot cow boot cowboy boot cv joint boot deicer boot denver boot desert boot disc brake cylinder boot downspout boot drive shaft boot dust boot exhaust boot fail-safe boot feeder boot felt boot figure skating boot fuel cap boot gear selector boot get the boot give somebody the boot give the boot gum boot gym boot half boot hard boot high boot high-topped boot image boot inboard boot jack boot joint boot keystone boot clamp laced boot ladies' boot leg of a boot light soleless boot light thin-soled boot low boot luggage boot master boot record normal boot order of the boot outboard boot outer constant velocity joint boot please open the boot protective boot put the boot in riding boot rom boot rubber boot selector lever boot setup boot disk shift gear lever boot ski boot soft boot soft boot worn indoors startup boot camp surgical boot system boot the boot is on the other foot the boot is on the other leg the jack is in the boot there's a spare fan belt in the boot to boot top boot wading boot walking boot wellington boot windows 95 boot disk or cd-rom

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