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accrual based accounting acid based activity based costing activity based management address based population registration system amino acid based dialysate amino acid based peritoneal dialysis solution ancestry based settlers animal based feed apparatus based on the use of x-ray application based routing and reporting assessment based on declaration asset based marketing asset based provider attitude based training attitude based trainings based granule based literal based on based on (something) based on a contract based on a receipt or note of hand based on common sense based on declaration based on facts based on international criteria based on political equality based on reading only based on reason based on scientific facts based on self-interest based on something based on style based on the idea that based on the principle of good faith based on/upon based spotlight based upon be based be based in be based on be based on a law be based on the law be based on the principle of good faith be based on written proof be based upon be firmly based behaviour based safety management being based on being based upon broad based channeled terrace broad based terrace car based sport utility vehicle carbon based electrode carrier based aircraft carrier based or carrier born aircraft carrier based variant celluloid based cement based adhesive cement based facade claddings cement based floor covering cement based joint sealant cement based mill-mixed plaster cement based waterproofing cement fibre based facade cladding census based on address records class based storage policy cloud based colostrum based products commodity based advisory services communications based system community based order competency based education competency based education–teacher training competency based educational tests computer based education computer based system computer based testing computer based training concentration based equilibrium constant concept based information retrieval condition based service consumption based replenishment content based image retrieval content based instruction contract based gross margining contract based net margining cost based measurement cost based price strategy cost based pricing culture based tourism customer name based custody system decision based on the merits of the case discrimination based on gender discrimination based on nationality discrimination based on race discrimination based on sex discrimination based on the grounds of gender distance based charging documents based on double based powder duty based ethics effects based approach to operations-ebao element based cost enacting trauma based roles epoxy based anchoring mortar epoxy based paint epoxy based repair mortar estimates based on datum european convention on the legal protection of services based on conditional access event based programming evidence based medicine evidence based nursing evidence based nursing practice evidence based on internal structure evidence based on response processes evidence based on test content evidence based practice evidence based psychiatry evidence based public health evidence based research facilities based private switched network services fly-ash based mould powders foreign currency based deposit foreign currency based futures transaction gender based discrimination gender based persecution gender based researches gender based violence gis based modeling gmdss shore based maintenance certificate ground based air defence ground based augmentation system ground based communication ground based laser gypsum based adhesives gypsum based adhesives for gypsum blocks heating systems and water based cooling systems in buildings hydrocarbon oils based on petroleum hydrogen based membrane biofilm reactor import based on special agreements infrastructure based competition infrastructure based systems initial markup based on retail internal ratings based approach intricate surface decoration based on geometrical patterns job based knowledge based economy knowledge based method knowledge based system knowledge based training land based ecosystems land based sources latex based paint latin based leverage based reserve requirement location based application market based approaches market based emission reduction policy instruments maturity based reserve requirement measurement of refrigerated hydrocarbon and non-petroleum based liquefied gaseous fuels measurement of refrigerated hydrocarbon and non-petroleum based liqufied gaseous fuels meatal based flap mileage based pricing milk based fermented products milk based products milk based spreadable product milk fat based spreadable product milk used for milk based products mineral based marble effect decorative coating minimum soil cultivation based agriculture mortgage based securities narrow based taxes narrow based terrace needs based assessment non grain based additional foods nonasset based logistics provider nonmedical equipment based on the use of radiations not based on a receipt not based on books nylon based liner order based approval pathogen movement based on performance based budget performance based instruction performance based payment system performance based reward physiologically based pharmacokinetic model polymer based liquid waterproofing polymer based pipe polymer based waterproofing polyurethane based waterproofing population based portland cement based patch portland-cement based patch practice based commissioning problem based learning processed additional food of cereal based project based learning protein based and protein component based products quadrat based sampling relations based on strong foundation resource based relative value scale results of address based population registration system risk based approach risk based auditing risk based insurance risk based insurance premiums role based access control rule based rule set based access kontrol satellite based augmentation system scan based trading school based examination scientifically based research section of international agreement based goods and service procurement sensor based system server based server based setup default server based setup utility sexual and gender based violence shore based shore based radar silicate based binder silicon based adhesive silicon based surface additive silicon nitride based ceramics silicone based paint skill based education skill based training solidly based source based taxes space based weapons style based on synthetic based products system based audit task based syllabus tax based income policies team based organization terminal based linearity text based terminology work textile based wallpaper time based charging treatment strategy based on truck based sport utility vehicle unbundling based entry universe based class vehicle based systems vehicle based terminal vinyl based wall paper water based ceiling paint web based instruction work based on force zero based budget zero based bugdet zero based linearity zero based management zero based production

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