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Türkçe - İngilizce

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01. wind


İngilizce - Türkçe

sıklık sırası: 920

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call somebody bad names cause bad blood cause bad blood between two persons change from bad to worse come from bad stock come to a bad end come to the same bad end as somebody communicating bad news contract a bad habit develop bad habits do a bad job do a bad turn do a bad turn to do something with a bad grace due to bad weather engine operation in bad weather feel bad feel bad about feeling very bad (about something) fire is a good servant but a bad master flower bad found bad from bad to worse get a bad break get a bad name get a bad reputation get in a bad humor get in a bad mood get into bad odour get off to a bad start give a bad name give a dog a bad name and hang him give something up as a bad job give up as a bad job go bad go bad with go from bad to worse go through a bad patch go to the bad gone bad good or bad good riddance to bad rubbish goods in bad order hang around in bad company hang around in bad places hard cases make bad law have a bad attitude have a bad bargain have a bad breath have a bad character have a bad day have a bad deal have a bad name have a bad opinion of have a bad period have a bad press have a bad record have a bad reputation have a bad reputation for have a bad season have a bad time have a bad trip have a fit of bad temper have a run of bad luck have bad breath having bad taste he has taken a bad knocking he is a bad lot he is bad at mathematics he is bad medicine he is bad news he is in a bad way he is very bad at his sums he once did me a bad turn he referred his failure to bad luck his bad german holder in bad faith hope is a good breakfast but a bad supper i gave it up as a bad job i had some bad luck i have a bad dry cough i have a bad toothache i have some bad news i know it's bad for me but i like it i've a bad arm i've got a really bad cold if fools went not to market, bad wares would not be sold in a bad fix in a bad mood in a bad sense in a bad situation in a bad state in a bad temper in a bad way in bad faith in bad health in bad humor in bad humour in bad odour in bad order in bad repair in bad taste in very bad condition innately bad is the food as bad as they say it is a bad fit it is bad manners it is my bad leg it is nothing like as bad as that it is too bad it was altogether bad it's a bad job that it's a bad look-out for the present generation it's a bad omen it's a bad sign it's bad it's bad for the figure it's been a bad day it's not as bad as all that it's not too bad it's too bad it's too bad for somebody . it's too bad of somebody joke in bad taste just as bad keep bad hours kill bad name leave a bad impression with somebody leave a bad taste in one's mouth leave a bad taste in somebody's mouth make a bad fist make a bad impression make a bad use of make a good bad impression on make bad blood make bad use of make the best of a bad bargain make the best of a bad job money is a good servant, but a bad master moving three times is as bad as a fire my bad neither good nor bad not a bad idea not as bad as all that not as bad as that not bad not half bad not near so bad not so bad not too bad nothing so bad but it might have been worse nothing so bad but might have been worse of bad family of bad omen of bad race of bad stock owing to bad living conditions pardoning the bad is injuring the good penalty for bad loss possession in bad faith possessor in bad faith prepare somebody for a bad news register bad marks on somebody's record reserve for bad debts return bad for good return like a bad penny rx bad dlci see a pin and pick it up, all the day you'll have good luck; see a pin and let it lie, bad luck you'll have all the day set a bad example set a bad example to sb show a bad temper show bad temper slip bad goods in with the good ones smell bad smelling bad speaking with a bad accent spoil a good deed by a bad one strike a bad patch sweet things are bad for the teeth take a bad turn take in bad take something in a bad sense take something in bad part that dress is a bad fit that's too bad that's too bad of you the bad mother the bad news gave me a nasty jar the line is bad the traffic is not too bad today there is no devil so bad as a she-devil things are never as bad as they seem things aren't as bad as they look things look bad for him three removals are as bad as a fire throw good money after bad to the bad too bad track in bad condition turn bad turn emergency governor switch to “rough” side if the situation is very bad turn like a bad penny turn up again like a bad halfpenny turn up like a bad penny turning bad unfortunately, your tooth is too bad for a treatment use bad language very bad waiting isn't so bad went bad what a bad coincidence whether the pitcher strikes the stone or the stone the pitcher, it is bad for the pitcher with a bad accent with a bad grace with a bad wheeze with a good or bad grace with bad grace without either good or bad intentions

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