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abscissa axis action axis add axis amphibian axis determination anterior-posterior axis determination anteroposterior axis anteroposterior axis determination anticlinal axis auxiliary axis axis actions axis band axis bearing axis calendar axis cap axis catalog axis cylinder axis deviation axis envelope axis fax cover axis forces axis friction axis grid line axis grid lines axis homology axis invoice axis letterhead axis mundi axis newsletter axis of a cone axis of a parabola axis of a waveguide axis of abscissa axis of abscissas axis of advance axis of anticline axis of attack axis of bore axis of channel axis of combination axis of control axis of dam axis of equator axis of evacuation axis of evil axis of flexure axis of folding axis of gravity axis of heavens axis of inertia axis of lens axis of level axis of level vial axis of mass axis of movement axis of ordinate axis of ordinates axis of perspective axis of revolution axis of road axis of rotation axis of selection axis of sight axis of sighting axis of signal communication axis of supply axis of supply and evacuation axis of symmetry axis of symmetry of a parabola axis of syncline axis of the bore axis of the celestial sphere axis of the dam axis of the earth axis of the jumping hill axis of the lens axis of the level bubble axis of the ordinate axis of the ordinates axis of theodolite axis of thread axis of tilt axis of trunnions axis of weld axis paradigmatic axis policy axis position axis power axis powers axis pressure axis quote axis range axis refund axis sensor axis spring axis statement axis syntagmatic axis title axis titles axis translation line axis website bar axis beam axis bending axis berlin-rome axis body axis specification bond axis brain-allergy axis bubble axis camera axis camera axis direction cartesian axis category axis category axis scale category x axis category x axis crosses at maximum value category x axis labels category x axis scale celestial axis center axis centroidal axis cerebrospinal axis chart axis child axis clastic axis column axis interval command axis conjugate axis coordinate axis correction for inclination of the horizontal axis crossing axis crystal axis crystallographic axis dam axis debitage axis definite axis dorsoventral axis patterning earth's axis east-west axis eddy with a horizontal axis electric axis electrical axis electron optical axis embryo axis embryonic axis equatorial axis erroneous axis fabric axis fast axis feed axis fiber axis fick's axis flood axis fold axis for category x axis labels for radar axis labels for series y axis labels format axis format axis title foundation axis friction axis frontal axis deviation fuselage axis geometric axis geostrategic axis girder axis grafting and axis duplication gyro axis half axis highest order rotation axis horizontal axis horizontal axis rotary plough horizontal axis rotary ploughs horizontal axis wind turbine hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis imaginary axis indefinite axis instantaneous axis of rotation inversion axis kingpin axis kingpin or steering axis inclination lateral axis left axis deviation level of scrollcase axis lift axis longitudinal axis longitudinal axis engine longitudinal axis of the aeroplane macro axis magnetic axis main axis main chart axis major axis major axis of an ellipse mechanical axis method of principal axis minor axis minor axis of an ellipse moment axis morphological axis multiple axis chart narrow-band axis neural axis neutral axis next to axis normal axis north-south axis number axis numerical axis object oblique axis oblique axis offset dam axis on a vertical axis optic axis optical axis ordinale axis ordinate axis overlay category x axis overlay chart axis overlay value y axis paradigmatic axis path axis path-parallel axis perspective axis piezoelectric axis piston axis offset pitch axis placentation axis plot on x axis polar axis polar axis of a telescope pole axis pricipal axis primary axis principal axis principal axis of a crystal principal axis of a lens principal axis of a mirror principal axis of inertia principal axis solutation principal axis transformation principle axis of pressure priority axis projection axis propeller axis psychological axis pupillary axis radar axis labels radical axis radical axis (of two circles) radical axis of circles radical axis of spheres radical axis of two circles radius axis random axis real axis real number axis reference axis reference axis speed right axis deviation rod axis roll axis rotation axis rotation of axis rotational axis sagittal axis of the eye scan axis screw axis seat of the wheel on the axis second category x axis second value y axis secondary axis secondary axis of a lens selected axis selected axis title semantic axis semimajor axis semimajor axis length semimajor axis of an ellipse semiminor axis semiminor axis of an ellipse series axis series y axis series y axis labels series y axis scale shell axis sight axis sighting axis signal axis single axis angle sensor single axis foot single axis joint single axis tractor slave axis slow axis specifying dorsoventral axis in xenopus spin axis spindle axis spirit level axis split axis stationary cpa axis steering axis inclination stress axis supply axis swivel axis symmetric axis symmetrical axis symmetry axis synclinal axis take off axis take-up axis technical assistance priority axis tetrad rotation axis text axis the axis the axis of ordinates the axis of the airfoil the axis powers the y-z axis timescale axis tire axis system topple axis translation of axis transverse axis transverse axis of the eye transverse axis reversible plough triad rotation axis triple axis control trunnion axis turning axis twin axis twofold axis of symmetry u axis v axis value axis value x axis value x axis crosses at maximum value value x axis scale value y axis value y axis crosses value y axis crosses at maximum category value y axis crosses at maximum value value y axis crosses between categories value y axis scale value z axis value z axis crosses value z axis scale vehicle axis system vertical axis vertical axis of eye vertical axis rotary plough vertical axis wind turbine visual axis weld axis wheel axis wideband axis with two symmetrical axis x axis y axis z axis z axis modulation zero axis zone axis

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