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İngilizce - Türkçe

sıklık sırası: 1611

ilgili sözler / related words

a arm a shot in the arm access arm ackermann arm actuating arm actuating arm for gate selector cable actuator arm adjustable rocker arm adjustable torque arm adjuster arm adjusting arm agitating arm air arm amino acid arm anchor arm angle arm antitorque arm archery arm guards arm action arm and bed space arm and hand signal arm boards arm bone arm bud arm chest arm cower control arm crowd force arm drag arm eccentric arm ed neutrality arm end of a yard arm exercises arm grip arm guard arm heveslendirici arm in arm arm iron arm lock arm locks arm movements arm of a balance arm of a steelyard arm of a yard arm of anchor arm of balance arm of beef arm of service arm of the law arm of the sea arm oneself arm pad arm pieces arm pit arm plate arm pull arm rack arm rest arm rest kit arm rest plate arm rest retainer arm rests arm saw arm section arm signal arm stock arm swinger arm test arm throws arm turning arm twist arm upper control articulated arm as long as one's arm aspiration arm attaching arm auxiliary arm axle arm back wheel swinging arm baffle arm balance arm balance arm axle ball joint rocker arm ball jointed arm bar arm be a shot in the arm be crippled in one arm beet washer with revolving agitating arm bending arm bevel arm biceps muscle of arm black arm disease bottom cross arm brake arm break one's arm breaker arm breaker staionary arm bring lower yarn suction arm in initial position bring lower yarn suction arm in working position brush holder arm brush-holder arm buffer arm by the arm can you move your arm carburettor pump arm carina arm catch arm centre arm rest chair arm chance one's arm change somebody an arm and a leg charge somebody an arm and a leg clamping arm combat arm contact arm contact arm for protective earthling control arm control arm ball control arm bushing control arm coupling control arm end control arm kit control arm mounting control arm move control arm nut control arm stay control arm strut cost an arm and a leg cost somebody an arm and a leg counterbalanced arm coupling arm crane arm crank arm crank arm bearing cross arm crown gear swing arm cygnus arm dan leno arm darning arm dead arm defense shooting arm depressor arm detent arm shaft digging arm dislocate one's arm distributor arm dog arm dome-cover locking arm door chack arm double arm hip throw double or double bar arm draft arm drag link arm drop arm dynein arm dynein arm defect electrode arm elevate the arm extension arm fader arm far 3kpc arm fastening yoke of arm to frame fire arm fixed arm fleet air arm folding top arm fore arm fork arm forked steering arm fracture one's arm front control arm front lift arm front suspension lower arm and bushing front wheel arm bolster fuel injector rocker arm gate arm gear arm gear rod arm gib arm give a shot in the arm give me your arm give one's arm to somebody give one's right arm give one's right arm (for somebody or something) give one's right arm for somebody give one's right arm for something go arm in arm governor arm grab arm guide arm hand arm hanging by the arm have a good arm have the effect of a shot in the arm having an arm headlamp wiper arm high lift rocker arm high long arm hollow rocker arm shaft horizontal arm hunting arm I can't lift my left arm I can't move my right arm I had my arm broken I sprained my arm I think I broke my arm I'll splint your arm I've a bad arm I've got a blister on my right arm I've got a pain in my arm i can't lift my left arm i can't move my right arm i had my arm broken i sprained my arm i think i broke my arm i'll splint your arm i've a bad arm i've got a blister on my right arm i've got a pain in my arm idler arm indication arm injection lifter arm injector rocker arm inner dynein arm inspection of the arm intermediate arm intermediate arm kit jib arm lamb's arm land arm mode latching rocker arm lateral arm lazy arm leading arm level arm lever arm lever arm of a force lever arm principle lever arm rule lift arm lift arm position sensor lifter arm lifter arm bracket lifting arm lifting arm shaft lifting arm system light arm link arm linkage arm loader lift arm loading arm lock arm locking arm long and short arm suspension long arm long arm of coincidence long arm statute lower arm lower arm ball joint lower arm bushing lower control arm lower support arm lower suspension arm lower wishbone arm lower yarn suction arm material handling arm median nerve injury at upper arm level mirror arm mixer arm moment arm mounting arm muscular arm my arm goes numb sometimes my arm hurts when I move it like this near 3kpc arm norma arm now i'll establish a vascular access on your arm offensive arm oil feed to rocker arm orion arm oscillating arm outer dynein arm package lifter arm pad arm pay an arm and a leg (for something) pay an arm and a leg for pedal arm perseus arm pickup arm piezometer arm pitman arm pivot arm pivoting arm please explain an arm pole arm presser foot arm primary arm protective clothing including hand and arm protection and lifejackets puller arm push arm put one's arm out of joint put the arm on put the arm on somebody rabble arm radial arm rake arm ratchet arm reaction arm rear control arm recording arm regulator arm release arm remote control arm right arm rigrht arm rise your arm robotic arm rocker arm rocker arm adjusting screw rocker arm assembly rocker arm bearing block rocker arm bearing bushings rocker arm bore diameter rocker arm bridge rocker arm bush rocker arm bushing rocker arm kit rocker arm mechanism rocker arm set spring rocker arm shaft rocker arm shaft bracket rocker arm shaft retainer rocker arm suspension rocker shaft and arm rotor arm sagittarius arm sampling arm scarifier arm scutum-crux arm secondary dentrite arm spacing secular arm semi-trailing arm suspension series arm shift arm shock absorber arm shooting arm short and long arm suspension shot in the arm shoulder & arm shoulder arm shoulder hand and arm throws shovel arm side arm side control arm small arm solid steel lift arm spiral arm stator shaft arm steady arm steering arm steering drop arm steering gear arm steering knuckle arm steering lever arm steering rocker arm steering shaft swivel arm stirring arm stone fork arm stop arm straight arm lock stretch one's arm to stretch your arm no further than your sleeve will reach string arm support arm support arm assembly support arm bracket support arm mounting support by the arm support top weighting arm support your baby's head with your arm supporting arm suspension control arm suspension lower arm swing arm swing arm with catches swinging arm swivel arm tailgate wiper arm take arm take one's arm take somebody by the arm take somebody under the arm take somebody's arm take something under one's arm take something under the arm telescopic arm telescopic dredger arm tennis arm tension adjuster arm tensioning arm that cost an arm and a leg the arm of a steelyard the arm of the law the long arm of the law the naval arm the swelling on your arm is caused by an internal/external effect there may be a dislocation in my arm there may be a fracture in my arm throttle arm throttle arm link throwing arm throwout arm tilt arm timber arm tip arm tone arm top arm body top of the regulator arm top weighting arm topsail yard arm irons torque arm torque control arm tow arm adjustment scale towing arm track arm track control arm track control arm mounting track rod arm trailing arm trailing arm bushing trailing arm suspension transmission torque control arm transverse arm triangular longitudinal swinging arm tuck something under one's arm twist a person's arm twist arm twist one's arm twist so's arm twist somebody's arm under arm shot upper arm upper arm support upper arm upstart upper control arm upper link arm upper suspension arm upper suspension control arm upper wishbone arm upper yarn suction arm valve arm valve rocker arm veal arm viscous-damped arm walk arm in arm weapons arm whirling arm whole arm wide arm handstand wiper arm wiper arm cover wiper arm mechanism with a sweep of the arm with a wide sweep of the arm with one arm tied behind one's back yard arm yard arm cleat

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