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İngilizce - Türkçe

sıklık sırası: 692

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a fool can ask a question which forty men cannot answer a grass-roots answer a soft answer a soft answer turneth away wrath acceptable answer answer a call answer a question answer an email answer back answer for answer for something answer frequency answer gently enough answer grid answer her helm answer in the affirmative answer in the negative answer key answer lamp answer matching answer mode answer no answer now answer off answer on/off answer one's cell answer one's cell phone answer one's expectation answer one's mobile answer one's mobile phone answer one's purpose answer pat answer print answer rudely answer seize ratio answer seizure ratio answer several purposes answer sheet answer signal answer somebody back answer somebody's need answer somebody's purpose answer supervision answer the call of duty answer the door answer the helm answer the phone answer the purpose answer the question answer the questions answer the same purpose answer the telephone answer to answer to a call answer to a description answer to a person for a thing answer to a reply answer to somebody answer variable answer wizard ask a silly question and you'll get a silly answer auto answer automatic answer average speed of answer back answer be ready with a quick answer call forwarding-no answer can you answer me? check answer clenching answer contradictory answer dynamic answer evasive answer exact answer failure to answer the questions find an answer to a problem find the answer (to) find the answer to formal answer generalization of the answer get an answer give an answer give an answer to give me a definite answer give negative answer have no answer to having an answer he vouchsafed me no answer hit on the right answer quickly I need a definite answer I need to answer the call of nature i need a definite answer i need to answer the call of nature in answer in answer to irrelevant answer it is what gives the answer to the question just give me a straight answer long answer examination love without return is like a question without an answer make answer manual answer meaningless answer negative answer never answer a question until it is asked no answer no answer transfer not take no for an answer pat answer positive answer question and answer method question answer disposition receive an answer sharp answer short answer examination show answer simulation answer period smart answer stereotyped answer stock answer take that for an answer thank you for your answer in advance that's no answer the answer given to me is that the answer is a lemon there's no answer unkind answer vague answer what answer did you get for number five you didn't answer my question you have much to answer for

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