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İngilizce - Türkçe

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ACCESSORY = [ık'sesıri] noun
1 aksesuar
İngilizce örnek : This mobile phone has more accessories than I could ever need.
Türkçe çevirisi : Bu cep telefonunun kullanabileceğimden çok aksesuarı var.
2 eklenti * eşanlamlı : addition, supplement, extra
3 yardımcı, suçortağı * eşanlamlı : accomplice

Fashion Accessory: An item that complements one's outfit.
Earrings are a popular fashion accessory.
Car Accessory: A non-essential addition to a vehicle.
He added a roof rack as a car accessory for his camping gear.
Smartphone Accessory: A device or attachment for mobile phones.
A phone case is a common smartphone accessory.
Computer Accessory: A peripheral device for computers.
A mouse is an essential computer accessory.
Legal Accessory: A person involved in a crime without directly committing it.
He was charged as an accessory to the robbery.
Bathroom Accessory: A functional item in a bathroom.
The soap dispenser is a necessary bathroom accessory.
Jewelry Accessory: Ornamental items worn for adornment.
Bracelets and necklaces are popular jewelry accessories.
Camera Accessory: Equipment to enhance photography.
A tripod is a helpful camera accessory for stable shots.
Kitchen Accessory: Tools used for cooking and food preparation.
A blender is a versatile kitchen accessory.
Bicycle Accessory: Extra components for bicycles.
A bike lock is an important bicycle accessory.
Handbag Accessory: Small items inside a handbag.
Her wallet and keys are handbag accessories.
Fashion Accessory Store: A shop specializing in fashion add-ons.
She bought her scarf from a fashion accessory store.
Home Accessory: Decorative or functional items for the home.
A throw pillow is a lovely home accessory.
Boat Accessory: Equipment for boat owners.
Life jackets are essential boat accessories.
Audio Accessory: Devices to enhance sound quality.
Headphones are common audio accessories.
Wedding Accessory: Items used in wedding ceremonies.
A veil is a traditional wedding accessory.
Motorbike Accessory: Additions for motorcycles.
A helmet is a critical motorbike accessory for safety.
Technology Accessory: Gadgets and add-ons for electronic devices.
A stylus is a useful technology accessory for tablets.
Garden Accessory: Tools and decor for gardens.
A garden gnome is a whimsical garden accessory.
Camping Accessory: Gear for outdoor camping.
A camping lantern is an important accessory for night trips.
Fitness Accessory: Equipment for exercise and fitness.
Resistance bands are versatile fitness accessories.
Travel Accessory: Items that ease travel.
A neck pillow is a travel accessory for comfort.
Golf Accessory: Tools and gear for golfers.
Golf tees are common golf accessories.
Fashionable Accessory: Stylish items for personal style.
Sunglasses are a fashionable accessory.
Musical Accessory: Equipment for musicians.
A music stand is a necessary musical accessory.
Interior Accessory: Decorative items for indoor spaces.
Wall art is a popular interior accessory.
Electronic Accessory: Additions to electronic devices.
A charger is an essential electronic accessory.
Sports Accessory: Gear for various sports.
Running shoes are sports accessories.
Beauty Accessory: Products for enhancing appearance.
Makeup brushes are beauty accessories.
Beach Accessory: Items for the beach.
Sunscreen is a vital beach accessory.
Pet Accessory: Products for pets.
A leash is a common pet accessory.
Fashionable Accessory Shop: A store specializing in stylish items.
She purchased her handbag from a fashionable accessory shop.
Fitness Accessory Store: A shop selling exercise equipment.
He bought dumbbells from a fitness accessory store.
Interior Accessory Store: A retailer for home decor.
The store offers a variety of interior accessories.
Computer Accessory Store: A shop selling computer peripherals.
They stock a wide range of computer accessories.
Garden Accessory Store: A shop specializing in gardening items.
The garden accessory store has everything for green thumbs.
Boat Accessory Shop: A store with marine equipment.
He purchased a GPS from the boat accessory shop.
Audio Accessory Store: A shop selling audio enhancements.
The audio accessory store has high-quality headphones.
Camera Accessory Shop: A store with photography equipment.
The camera accessory shop carries various lenses.
Jewelry Accessory Store: A shop offering jewelry.
She got her necklace from the jewelry accessory store.
Bike Accessory Store: A shop specializing in cycling gear.
He visited the bike accessory store for a new saddle.
Musical Accessory Shop: A store selling music equipment.
The musical accessory shop has a vast selection of instruments.
Car Accessory Store: A shop for automotive additions.
He bought LED lights from the car accessory store.
Bathroom Accessory Shop: A retailer with bathroom items.
The bathroom accessory shop has elegant fixtures.
Smartphone Accessory Store: A shop offering mobile device add-ons.
The smartphone accessory store sells phone cases.
Wedding Accessory Store: A shop specializing in wedding items.
She found her tiara at the wedding accessory store.
Kitchen Accessory Store: A retailer for cooking tools.
The kitchen accessory store has top-quality knives.
Fitness Accessory Shop: A store with exercise gear.
He picked up resistance bands from the fitness accessory shop.
Travel Accessory Store: A retailer for travel necessities.
The travel accessory store offers travel-sized toiletries.
Golf Accessory Shop: A store for golf equipment.
He bought golf balls from the golf accessory shop.
Technology Accessory Store: A shop with electronic add-ons.
The technology accessory store sells phone chargers.
Camping Accessory Shop: A store with camping gear.
She purchased a tent from the camping accessory shop.
Fashion Accessory Designer: A creator of fashion accessories.
She is a renowned fashion accessory designer.
Tech Accessory Innovations: Advancements in electronic add-ons.
Tech accessory innovations have made life more convenient.
Accessory Trends: Current popular items and styles.
Chokers are one of the latest accessory trends.
Custom Accessory Design: Personalized fashion add-ons.
She offers custom accessory design services.
Accessory Maintenance: Care and repair of add-ons.
Regular accessory maintenance can prolong their lifespan.
Accessory Collection: A set of related fashion items.
Her accessory collection includes various scarves.
Accessory Organizer: A storage solution for fashion add-ons.
She uses a jewelry box as an accessory organizer.
Accessory Catalog: A listing of available items.
The accessory catalog showcases the latest designs.
Accessory Wholesaler: A business that sells add-ons in bulk.
They buy their handbags from an accessory wholesaler.
Accessory Boutique: A small shop specializing in fashion add-ons.
She owns a charming accessory boutique in the city.
Accessory Subscription Box: A service that delivers add-ons regularly.
She subscribed to an accessory box for monthly surprises.
Accessory Clearance Sale: A promotion to sell off excess stock.
The accessory clearance sale offers great discounts.
Accessory Display: A presentation of fashion items.
The accessory display at the store is eye-catching.
Accessory Renovation: Refurbishing or updating add-ons.
She decided on an accessory renovation for her jewelry.
Accessory Trade Show: An event for showcasing new add-ons.
Many designers attend the annual accessory trade show.
Accessory Rental Service: A service for temporarily using add-ons.
She rented a tiara from an accessory rental service.
Accessory Brand: A company that manufactures fashion items.
Chanel is a renowned luxury accessory brand.
Accessory Collaboration: A partnership between designers.
The accessory collaboration resulted in unique pieces.
Accessory Craftsmanship: The skill and artistry in making add-ons.
The accessory craftsmanship is exquisite.
Accessory Emporium: A large store with a wide range of add-ons.
The accessory emporium is a one-stop shop for fashionistas.
Accessory Ensemble: A coordinated set of fashion items.
She put together a stunning accessory ensemble.
Accessory Production: The process of creating fashion add-ons.
Accessory production involves careful design and manufacturing.
Accessory Editorials: Fashion articles focusing on add-ons.
The magazine features accessory editorials.
Accessory Industry: The business sector related to fashion items.
The accessory industry is highly competitive.
Accessory Manufacturer: A company that produces fashion items.
The accessory manufacturer produces handcrafted jewelry.
Accessory Marketing: Strategies to promote fashion add-ons.
Social media is vital for accessory marketing.
Accessory Resale Market: The sale of secondhand fashion items.
She found a vintage purse in the accessory resale market.
Accessory Sourcing: The process of finding suppliers for add-ons.
Sourcing quality materials is crucial for accessory production.
Accessory Stylist: A professional who coordinates fashion items.
The accessory stylist chose the perfect necklace.
Accessory Trends Report: An analysis of current add-on styles.
The accessory trends report highlighted the popularity of scarves.
Accessory Wholesaler Directory: A listing of wholesale suppliers.
She consulted the accessory wholesaler directory for new sources.
Ethical Accessory Brand: A company committed to ethical production.
Many consumers prefer to support ethical accessory brands.
Handcrafted Accessory: An item made by skilled artisans.
Handcrafted accessories are unique and special.
Luxury Accessory Line: A collection of high-end fashion items.
The luxury accessory line features premium materials.
Sustainable Accessory Design: Creating add-ons with eco-friendly materials.
Sustainable accessory design is an emerging trend.
Vintage Accessory Shop: A store specializing in older fashion items.
She enjoys browsing the vintage accessory shop for unique pieces.
Personalized Accessory: A fashion item customized for an individual.
A monogrammed wallet is a personalized accessory.
Minimalist Accessory: Simple and understated fashion items.
Minimalist accessories are perfect for a clean look.
Artisan Accessory Market: A place to find handcrafted add-ons.
The artisan accessory market showcases local talent.
Avant-Garde Accessory: Cutting-edge and experimental fashion items.
She loves avant-garde accessories that push boundaries.
Beach Accessory Set: A collection of items for a day at the beach.
The beach accessory set includes a beach towel, sunscreen, and a hat.
Bohemian Accessory Style: A fashion approach with a free-spirited look.
She embraces a bohemian accessory style with lots of beads and feathers.
Casual Accessory Choices: Fashion items suitable for everyday wear.
Casual accessory choices often include simple jewelry.
Classic Accessory Wardrobe: A collection of timeless fashion items.
A pearl necklace is a staple in a classic accessory wardrobe.
Designer Accessory Label: A well-known brand for high-end items.
Gucci is a renowned designer accessory label.
Edgy Accessory Look: A style that combines fashion with attitude.
Leather cuffs and studded belts create an edgy accessory look.
Exquisite Accessory Detail: A small element that enhances an outfit.
The brooch added an exquisite accessory detail to her dress.
Trendsetting Accessory Choices: Fashion items that set new trends.
- She is always ahead of the game with her trendsetting accessory choices.

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