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İngilizce - Türkçe

sıklık sırası: 2820

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a shower of abuse abuse etmek abuse of abuse of a dominant position abuse of a right abuse of administrative power abuse of admistrative power-france abuse of adult children abuse of adults abuse of authority abuse of confidence abuse of discretion abuse of distress abuse of dominance abuse of dominant position abuse of dominant position by exclusionary practices abuse of dominant position by exploitative practices abuse of dominant position in a different market abuse of female child abuse of joint dominant position abuse of power abuse of procedure abuse of process abuse of right abuse of rights abuse of the right of petition abuse of trust abuse verbally adult abuse adult child sexual abuse victims alcohol abuse anal abuse carnal abuse child abuse child abuse and neglect prevention association child abuse protection and rehabilitation association child abuse screening tools child emotional abuse child physical abuse child sexual abuse commercial abuse of the child commercial sexual abuse of the child computer abuse cooperation group to combat drug abuse and illicit trafficking in drug cycle of abuse damage caused by sexual abuse deliberate abuse of asylum procedures deliberate deception or abuse of asylum procedures drug abuse drug abuse and crime drug abuse education drugs of abuse economical abuse elderly abuse emotional abuse he fights against the abuse of power human rights abuse hurl abuse at somebody information system abuse international society for prevention of child abuse and neglect invite abuse journal of child abuse and neglect journal of child sexual abuse medicine abuse mersin association for association for protecting children from abuse and neglect offence of abuse of trust partner abuse peer abuse physical abuse priority of sexual abuse issue prohibition of abuse of rights psychological abuse return abuse safeguards against abuse secondary abuse sexual abuse sexual abuse of children sexual abuse victims solvent abuse spousal abuse steroid abuse substance abuse terms of abuse the association of prevention of child abuse and neglect trafficking children for the purpose of prostitution or sexual abuse types of drug abuse use and abuse volatile substance abuse wife abuse

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