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İngilizce - Türkçe

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a cut above a cut above somebody a cut above something a stream cannot rise above its source above aerodrome level above all above all things above and beyond above and beyond the call of duty above average above barcode above board above carbonate compensation depth setting above cited above comprehension above criticism above elbow prosthesis above expected above full employment equilibrium above grade above grade wall above ground above ground biomass above ground level above ground pests above item above limit above mean sea level above meanness above mentioned above mentioned article above mentioned work above mountains above named above normal above normal loss above normal profit above one's comprehension above one's head above one's station above oneself above par above par value above par weighting above pitch above praise above price above reproach above road detector above sea level above selected item above selection above somebody's head above standard above suspicion above the average above the bit above the fold above the grasp of reason above the knee prosthesis above the line above the line costs above the line transactions above the ordinary above the rate of exchange above the salt above the true pitch above the waist above water altitude above ground altitude above sea level antenna height above average terrain anyone aged eighteen or above appeal to the court above as above as god's above as indicated above as mentioned above as noted above as seen above as stated above at an average of.. metres above sea level at the address above attack from above be a bit above oneself be a cut above be a notch above be above one's head be above oneself be above reproach be above somebody be above something be above suspicion be above water bounded from above brooch above caesar's wife must be above suspicion children of... and above circle above the slope cocks fitted above the left side basin are for taking boiler water samples cold front above the surface consider above blame corrected pressure altitude above sea level court above cut above somebody or something decibels above 1 milliwatt decibels above 1 picowatt decibels above 1 volt decibels above reference coupling decibels above reference noise dribbling with feet above far above first and above all floor above from above function bounded above generator temperature above normal get a bit above oneself get above oneself get one's head above water have a soul above money making have one's head above water he has a soul above mere moneygrubbing he is above that he is head and shoulders above the rest he is not above accepting a bribe he stands head and shoulders above the rest head and shoulders above height above airport height above airport elevation height above rail level height above sea level height above the ground height above touchdown height of chassis above ground i put him above his brother i rank him above shaw indicated altitude above mean sea level indicated pressure altitude above sea level it is above me items above just above keep one's head above water land improvement above ground land improvements above and below ground account level above threshold lighting from above live above one's means lube oil pump pressure above normal mentioned above named above new frame above nondestructive measurement of pile thickness above the backing noted above occluded front above the surface open and above board outside face of the shell platings above water line outside face of the shell plattings above water line over and above over and above something over and above that over and above this pasture above treeline peak above ceiling exposure limit place in the above above-mentioned points and above pressure above atmospheric pressure switch for pressure above piston of main stop valve puppet manipulated from above put something above quasi-stationary front above the surface raise oneself above the crowd rank above revolution from above rise above par rise above the crowd roof with insulation entirely above deck rows rows above set bounded above shares are above par she is above all suspicion she is above doing that she was above taking advice speak above one's breath stand head and shoulders above steam pressure above atmospheric talk above somebody's head the above the part of the chimney rising above the roof the powers above the room above tilt in cops above pegs tower above warm front above the surface way above work mentioned above you went above the speed limit

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