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İngilizce - Türkçe

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a great deal is known about a land measure of about 1000 square metres a land measure of about 920 m2 a long way about a lot of fuss about nothing a thing or two about a time about two hours after sunset about an hour and an hour about an hour from about arcserve agent about awfxex about backup about calculator about cd player about character map about chat about chicago agent about clipboard viewer about cover page editor about data map about disk defragmenter about drivespace about edit about face about face! about fax viewer about file manager about file transfer status about find fast about freecell about glottis about hearts about here about hover about it about mapinfo data installer about media player about media vision dalga sürücüsü about media vision mixer driver about media vision wave driver about microsoft access about microsoft equation editor about microsoft excel about microsoft file transfer about microsoft find fast about microsoft office binder about microsoft office 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fall down about to go about to happen about turn about turn! about us about viewer about volume control about windows 95 about winpopup about wmconfig about wordpad active about activities about financial matters activities about fiscal matters advise somebody about something agog about agree about the price agreement about all about all she cares about is herself all you think about is yourself along about and did i know about it angry about a thing angry about something anxious about anxious about his health are you about finished are you about to finish are you angry about it argue about ask about ask about a person at about 25.000 feet bandy about bandy something about bang about barge about be a millstone about one's neck be a millstone about somebody's neck be about be about again be about one's business be about to be about to close be about to collapse be about to do something be about to fall apart be about to lose one's job be about to sail be about to stop be about your business be angry about be anxious about be bandied about be bothered about something be brought about be bruited about be buffeted about be choosy about be clear about something be concerned about be crazy about be curious about be curious about something be dead certain about be diffident about doing be driven about be exacting about be excessively concerned about be forgotten about be fussy about be glad about be going about be gossiped about be half-hearted about somebody or something be happy about be hazy about be hesitant about be hesitant about saying something be hopeful about be hung up about be in a lather about something be in a pother about something be in doubt about be in earnest about something be in two minds about something be keen about be knocked about be knowledgeable about be mad about be mealy-mouthed about it be mucked about be nothing to write home about be nuts about be obvious about something be on to about be oneself talked about be out and about be particular about be particular about one's dress be particular about one's food be pleased about be positive about something be potty about be put about be quick about something be rushing about be satisfied about be sceptical about be secretive about be skeptical about be slick about something be solicitous about be sorry about be sticky about doing be sticky about doing something be suspicious about be talked about be tossed about be troubled about be troubleed about be unconcerned about be uneasy about an unfinished job be up and about be vague about something be very particular about be wild about be worked up about something be worried about beat about beat about the bush beef about being brought about being bruited about being buffeted about being driven about being glad about being in doubt about being knocked about being pleased about being spoken about better keep quiet about it better keep still about it blab about blow about blow hot and cold about blowing about blunder about boast about boss about boss somebody about bother about bother one's head about bother one's head about something bounce about bound about together brag about bring a hornet's nest about one's ears bring a hornets' nest about one's ears bring a storm about one's ears bring about bring about a revolution bring about an agreement bring about peace bring about recovery bring about something bring something about bring something about one's ears bringing about brood about bruit about buffet about buffeting about bugger about bugger somebody about bumble about bustle about buzz about can i talk to you about my grade can i talk to you about something can you do something about it care a hoot about care about care about somebody or something care nothing about somebody or something career about careful about carry a thing about carry money about one carry on about somebody or something cart about cast about cast about for cast about for somebody or something cast about for something change about chase about chop about chuck one's weight about clever about cling about close about close about somebody come about come about suddenly complain about complain about one's troubles complain about the price concern about confer about an idea confidential information about customers constantly talk about something consult somebody about something could you do something about the clutch covenant about an agreement crab about crash about one's ears crazy about crazy about somebody or something crimes about substance use crowd about curious about dance about with joy day and day about diffident about discreet about dispute about a thing distribute about do about do something about do something about it do you know what i'm talking about don't be so angry about it don't get ideas about don't get ideas about ... don't let's quarrel about it don't make so much fuss about it don't worry about it drag about dream about dream about somebody dream about something drive about drone an about encomium about the prophet muhammad every single detail about everybody was very sad to hear about it face about fall about fall about laughing fall about with laughter fall out about somebody false information about companies or cooperatives feel about feel about something feel at ease about feel bad about feel badly about feel sad about feel sorry about feel strongly about feel uneasy about something feeling sorrow about ferret about fiddle about fiddle about (with something) find it too silly to bother about find out about fishy about the gills flail about fling oneself about flit about flop about flopping about flounder about fly about follow about follow somebody about fool about footle about forget about forget about getting something back forget about it forget about morality forget about one's pride forget about something forget all about it forget it, if that's how you feel about it form an opinion about fret about frig about frisk about frisking about fuck about fuck about with fumble about fumble about in fuss about fuss about trifles fussing about trifles fussy about trifles gab about gabbing about gad about gadding about gallivant about gas about gather information about gaze about general information about insurance sector get about get confused about its feeding and sleeping time (for a baby) get information about the custom lists get one's wits about one get oneself talked about get second thoughts about somebody or something get suspicious about go about go about a task go about doing something go about in disguise go about on crutces go about on crutches go about one's business go about with somebody go crazy about over go into one's song and dance about something go on about go overboard about go round about go to see a man about a dog gossip about gossip about people gossip about somebody green about the gills grope about grumble about haggle about the price hang about harp on about harp on about something have a burnt smell about it have a thing about have a thing about somebody or something have about one have doubts about have illusions about somebody have inflated ideas about oneself have no qualms about doing something have nothing to worry about have one 's wits about one have one's eyes about one have one's wits about one have qualms about have scruples about doing have second thoughts about it have second thoughts about somebody or something have somebody enquire about something have something about one have something to crow about have strong feelings about have you any money about you? have you ever thought about to suicide have you everthought about to harm yourself have you seen a doctor about it haven't you had about enough having knowledge about he didn't think twice about it he doesn't care about me he is nuts about her he is very knowledgeable about wines he knows what he is about he was about to go out he's about to die he's about twenty he's has told me so much about you he's mad about card games he's told me all about you hear about hector about hedge about hem about hesitate about doing something hint about his name was bandied about how about how about a bite how about a comedy how about a cup of coffee how about a cup of tea how about a lift how about a selfi how about compression and maximum pressures how about compression and maximum pressures? how about cooling sea water return temperature? how about going to a movie

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